Nae & Lo – Daddy’s Little Girl

June 14, 2013 by Danny M

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Nae & Lo Daddys Little Girl

In two days it will be Father’s Day, so Young Money’s new signees Reginae Carter and Lolo Rodriguez have decided to release a tribute song dedicated to their fathers. The track, which you can stream after the jump below, is called “Daddy’s Little Girl“.

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21 Responses to “Nae & Lo – Daddy’s Little Girl”

  1. Joi Says:

    Not bad but Wayne should not of signed them to YM


  2. Kima Says:

    Well done Nae and Lo, I really liked it. It’s everything young girl your age should be singing about. You both sound wonderful, and I know your fathers are proud. “Daddy’s little girl” ( my dad still calls me his little girl, and I’m in my 20’s…lol) never too old


  3. tasha Says:

    this is actually better than i thought it would be!! great job nae and lo


  4. keyshia ___ atl Says:

    i like it!! thumbs up girlies


  5. jakobe' j. Says:

    YES! age appropiate music for young girls…..finally.

    keep up the good work ladies pratice makes perfect.


  6. I hate young money Says:

    Nae is even better than lil wayne lolo is horrible I fuckin hate young money


  7. chronic Says:

    who produced this and who wrote it for them?


  8. Mrs. Cortez Bryant Says:

    I have a serious question Danny M. If this girl is really signed to Young Money why hasn’t there been an official announcement?! I noticed that Mack Maine, Birdman, Wayne, Cortez etc have NEVER mentioned this girl being signed to the label. We all know that YMCMB have been signing A LOT of artist back to back lately and every artist that has gotten signed there was an official announcement about them being on the label. I don’t believe she’s on YM. Her only affiliation is Cortez Bryant. <—— this is about Chanel West Coast. I posted this same comment on her post but never got a response.


  9. @official_X_ Says:

    She is signed to YM,mack_maine Confirmed it weeks ago


  10. Cortez Bryant Says:

    OMG little God Sister is Amazing she is a born to win star, she is Lil Wayne Reincarnated


  11. Obey Says:

    Love the hood


  12. gheeeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    if theres no tyga or drake ym would slack one ahh


  13. arth Says:

    i think lil wayne should also do a song dedicated to her daughter, i have never heard something from him about his daughter, he should do like eminem, so many damn songs he has made releated with his daughter, i can’t belive weezy mostly dont mention her in his music…


    • arthurjc Says:

      lil wayne used to talk alot about nae. i remember that in one of his very old songs (when she was still a baby) he mentioned saying “”my daughter is soo smart it scares me” .. on fuck the world he mentioned her,


  14. Hengage tuni Says:

    Wel don regi


  15. Snesh Says:

    All those who are hating?why though?i mean the person with the i hate ymcmb,why do you do you even comment though?i mean like these nae&lo are trying so hard to please people with their music and here you come saying Lo is horrible,some things you must keep em to yourslef bacause how would you feel if that was said to you or your sister?or anyone clse to you!you wouldnt like it at all,so please just be nice,even if its a pain in the ass!they did soo much and deserve praises not harsh words! #loving nae&lo


  16. Snesh Says:

    Is lolo also signed in ymcmb cuz i’m really confused all i heared is about reginae being lolo also signed?? Please someone answer me quickly



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