Wale – Clappers (Feat Nicki Minaj & Juicy J)

June 18, 2013 by Danny M

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Wale Clappers Feat Nicki Minaj & Juicy J

We heard a snippet last month, now here is the full version of Wale‘s “Clappers” single featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J.

The song, which samples E.U.’s “Da Butt”, will appear on Wale‘s forthcoming The Gifted album, due to be released on June 25th.

You can stream “Clappers” after the jump below.

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19 Responses to “Wale – Clappers (Feat Nicki Minaj & Juicy J)”

  1. I hate young money Says:

    Horrible song nicki minaj verse is horrible juicy j cant rap for his life and wale is just horrible


  2. I hate young money Says:

    Im not wrong pussy the only one on that song that can actually can rap is wale he just did horrible on that song juicy j is always horrible he cant rap for his life and nicki minaj is a fake ass bitch that is ugly as fuck


  3. Anon Says:

    Wtf is a hater in this site, obviously a no life. Whatever song is dope and Nicki did her thing


  4. back on my bullish*t Says:

    track is dope


  5. I hate young money Says:

    @anon I can do whatever the fuck I want bitch ass nigga nicki didnt do shit u mothafucka tellin me I have no life ill fuckin kill u real talk


    • KING Says:

      WTF is your life when you’re hating on a Young Money website.
      Like you need a hobby to spend your time more productively little faggot.

      Now shut the fuck up and continue to fuck yo ugly mom from behing u nasty incest bred dog.


  6. YoungMoneyNiqquh Says:

    All 3 Of Them Went Hard But I Love Nicc’s Verse The Most !!
    If you Hate Nicki Minaj Why The Fxck Are you In A Young Money Fansite ?
    Young Money Over Everything !!!


  7. Lil ZeeTune Says:

    Fuck a Nigga hating on Y.M,Young Money till i die…thy runng shit


  8. I hate young money Says:

    Fuck nickI minaj fuck every ym fan fuck young money their gay as fuck


  9. YMTillTheDeathOfMe Says:

    Then why the fuck are u on this website stupid ass mother fucker!!!!!!!! Get a fucking life and leave this website!!!! Incase u didnt know this is a fan page not a pussy ass hater page go fuck yourself you retarted ass nigga


  10. zbell Says:

    if u hating u jast need some pussy


  11. I hate young money Says:

    @ymtilthedeathofme shut the fuck up I can do whatever the fuck i want its called freedom of speech mothafuka


    • YM Says:

      @Ihateyoungmoney – your mom is hoe and gives a 20% discount on Tuesdays to put you through school. fuck you, your kids and your gran kids.Get the fuck outta here. pussy


  12. YMTillTheDeathOfMe Says:

    @ihateyoungmoney STOP BITCHING THAN NIGGA U A PUSSY ASS HATER THAT JUST HATES ON PEOPLE WHO ARE BETTER THAN YOU AND ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING WITH THEIR LIVES UNLIKE U THAT TALKS SHIT ON A FAN PAGE!!! Get a fucking life!! I dont care that u hte young money its just fucking annoying that u post some bitch ass comment on every single post!!!!!



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