First Week Sales For YMCMB’s “Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle” Album

July 30, 2013 by Danny M

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First Week Sales For YMCMB Rich Gang Flashy Lifestyle Album

The first week numbers for YMCMB‘s Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle compilation album are in! According to HDD, the project sold 22,477 copies since it was released on July 23rd.

If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle on iTunes here or from Amazon here!

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22 Responses to “First Week Sales For YMCMB’s “Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle” Album”

  1. dipset Says:

    I’m not suprised


  2. Wurk Says:

    Way tooooo low for a YMCMB project.


  3. flex Says:

    this serves them right imo for pushing back the album so many god damn times……


  4. DANNY Says:



  5. haha Says:

    people realizes that YMCMB is shit


  6. Chris Says:

    It’s incredibly easy to bootleg now and days. Even the loyalist fan would do it.


  7. D5 Says:

    Y’all realizes most people download the leaked version of albums nowadays &some people are to cheep to buy them


  8. dope Says:

    Yo I would by it but where the fuck is it in hard copy it wasn’t out at HMV I also ask the cashiser that were the rich gang and it wasn’t there WTF


  9. Oal Says:

    Hahaahahha Ya’ll made some crappy songs for that Album haha


  10. Thesehaters Says:

    Why all these people talkin so much sh!t. If u gonna be on here then stfu and appreciate this shit you fuck niqqas


  11. big c Says:

    @Danny…….. I still havent heard the song “Here We Are” from the Best Buy Bonus track. It’s not on youtube. Do you think you could post it on LWHQ? Thanks man!


    • Danny M Says:

      That was the same song as “Champions” by Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne, Birdman and Fred Durst.


  12. josh_88 Says:

    it was barely promoted that’s why!!! if this was a wayne, drake, nicki, or tyga album it would’ve did HUGE numbers. either way ymcmb aint hurting they still sell numbers. this is nothing to them and universal. so keep ya bullshit comments to yaself


  13. Taio Smalls Says:

    The production was pretty good but there was no creativity or any outstanding lyrics. These numbers show that YMCMB needs to step there game. Cause those numbers are terrible for a major label especially for one that is well known like YMCMB.


  14. Kevin Meck Says:

    Piracy is killin e game… pple dnt buy music enymo …… Ey jus download for free
    RICH GANG Flashy lifestyle was dope
    ol e treks wer gud
    #team YMCMB#


  15. siphelele Says:

    lol fake niggas be follow lil wayne hq and young money hq pages to criticise them , i bet they go on and buy ymcmb albums too just to criticise it . ya’ll making no sense , i mean i would not buy any GOOD MUSIC or any def jam shit music because i don’t like em and i dont have time to listen to em , and i won’t criticise something which i don’t feel . YMCMB or die nigga , ya’ll critics don’t get it , ymcmb is dope and is running the game especially Wayne . the nigga is on another level in terms of punch lines , rhymes , and lyrics .


  16. Tane Jariah Says:

    dont care what people say or what amount of sales it got i still liked it


  17. Leak Says:

    Bird man can’t rap. People are coming to their senses and realizing that that’s why the sales are so low. Btdubz, Big mistake not to put Drake On at least one song. People are getting tired of hearing about the same thing. We all know you used Asalto not that degree so shut up talking about. Then maybe you might sell some records if you teach yourself how to wrap


  18. Ducksck99; Says:

    Of course people dont buy cds anymore

    But does young money even need that ?
    Theyr fucking multiple millionaires
    Let them make free music forever

    The fuck birdman need even more money for ? Hes exploiting his artists, has his own drink an clothing line

    Greed has to stop somewhere


  19. d.m Says:

    Nobody want to hear them rap about the same b.s over and over…after Cole World, Yeezus, The Gifted & MCGH dropped which all did numbers 1st week, Real music back


  20. bindi Says:

    Young money /cash money just don’t make great. Music anymore


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