Drake To Release First Official Single “Hold On We’re Going Home” On August 6th

August 5, 2013 by Danny M

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Drake To Release First Official Single Hold On Were Going Home On August 6th

According to DJ Skee, Drake will be dropping the first official single from his upcoming Nothing Was The Same album tomorrow (August 6th). The song will be called “Hold On We’re Going Home” and there are rumors online that Drizzy will premiere it at his 4th annual OVO Festival later today.

Tuesday Aug 6th Drake’s 1st official single “Hold On We’re Going Home” is dropping… have a feeling he’ll be premiering @ OVO fest tomorrow

I guess this means that Drizzy Drake‘s “Started From The Bottom” and “All Me” songs are just promo singles for his Nothing Was The Same album, so maybe they will appear on the deluxe edition.

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26 Responses to “Drake To Release First Official Single “Hold On We’re Going Home” On August 6th”

  1. Gudda @bichi Says:

    Wt of 5AM iN TORONTO, hope it will appear in notin was the same


    • Dollar$ Says:

      That was never going to be on the album like 9AM In Dallas.


  2. fofo Says:

    i bet this will be a slow soft track about how much drake misses toronto


  3. Dollar$ Says:

    I am looking forward to this, hope it’s a banger.


  4. ♥Nicki♥Minaj♥ Says:

    My boo working hard


  5. chronic Says:

    im excited for this

    drake always drops the hottest song in the summer


  6. patriots Says:

    the crazy thing is if he just letting songs like all me and started from the bottom go for promo which was raw ass songs then i know he got some nice shit on his album. damn, drake trying to get another grammy and he might get it if they dont give it to gay z shitty ass


  7. Ovovovovo Says:

    So started frome the bottom and all me and the motion were just leaked songs


  8. Flow Says:

    Drake doing the same thing he did before he dropped Take Care but wit more songs. He was better off dropping a mixtape before droppin the album. Honestly Im ready for the Album.


  9. tm Says:

    @Ovovovovo no they weren’t leaked, they just didn’t make the album. They were never meant to be in the album in the 1st place.


  10. Cortez Bryant Says:

    Its a reason why he don’t wanna put those songs on his album, because he already knows he has better ones that fit the title of his album which stands out more than those songs.


  11. 117tune Says:

    Really??? All me soyndes retty official to me but i aint complaining the more music drake puts out the better 😀


  12. 117tune Says:

    Really??? All me soundes pretty official to me but i aint complaining the more music drake puts out the better 😀


  13. Trey2k Says:

    Why are you guys mad that those songs aren’t on the album? We already heard them. That leaves room for more new music!


  14. Drizzy Says:

    I always got shit up my sleeves


  15. Tane Jariah Says:

    they will most likely been on a deluxe edition


  16. Tane Jariah Says:

    its either this song gets put on itunes strait away or im getting a link


  17. Ym s/o Says:

    Ok wher the song at


  18. Kutt Kutt Says:

    Those other songs are on Nothing Was the Same dickass niggas, he just dropped them early to hype the album up honestly!


  19. beazy Says:

    Debuts on new yorks 95.1. The breakfast club at 9:30 est.


  20. St Tropez Says:

    I know for a fact James Fauntleroy will appear on the album along with Wayne. I hope Miguel is on there too and K.Dot


  21. beazy Says:

    Sorry meant 105.1


  22. beazy Says:

    Sorry meant 105.1


  23. Peter Says:

    I have no dough that wayne will be on nwts it would be cool to see wale jcole and a juicy j collaboration on the album


  24. leave Says:

    big up to ma man drizzy drake…kenyan fan no1…..tel em haters its septmber 17 to wait for it………..laaaaaaaaah!!!!



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