First Week Sales For Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” Album

October 1, 2013 by Danny M

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First Week Sales For Drake Nothing Was The Same Album

The first week numbers for Drake‘s latest studio album, Nothing Was The Same, are in! According to HDD, the project sold 658,179 copies since it was released on September 24th.

If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase Nothing Was The Same on iTunes here. Did you expect Drizzy to sell more or less copies than what he did in the first week ❓

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21 Responses to “First Week Sales For Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” Album”

  1. Mário Says:

    So crazy!


  2. up in flamez Says:

    kinda bad lol


    • Daulton Says:

      Are you mentally retarded? That’s the second fastest selling album in history. Stop hating… He killed it.


  3. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    What happened to “I’m selling a million the first week, I guess I am a optimist”


  4. a milli Says:

    he still went gold in 1 week which is amazing for a rapper


  5. ChuRR Bo Says:

    well i got leaked before everyone would of done that


  6. jimmy Says:

    still got leaked really badly, so i wasnt expecting 700,000


  7. lee Says:

    take care>nwts bcoz wayne was ft sales are high and ofcoc its dope


  8. Nothing was the same Says:

    Doesn’t make any sense what you say, because the first week sales of Nothing was the Same are higher than Take Care first week sales bij 20,000 copies and Lil Wayne isnt features on NWTS, in fact no really big rappers of singers are featured on the album except for Hov


  9. Cortez Bryant Says:

    Those are great sale numbers you assholes, normal rappers like 2chainz and ASAP, Kendrick can’t even get numbers to reach 100,000 yet. Only rappers that can do the numbers like Drake is Jay z, Eminem, Ja Rule, maybe Kanye, and we already Lil Wayne can he did when he was young and he had just out his first Block Is Hot album and Carter 1 sold 521,265 first week, Carter 2 sold 601,497 copies and we already know about Carter 3, so yeah Drake sales are up there with the legends of hip hop.


  10. maria_latina_drake Says:

    yes i thought drake wod sale a million cd/album first week


  11. wtf Says:

    He still did better than your favorite rapper


  12. Taio Says:

    Cortez you should doing research before and an opinion because just about everything you’ve said has been wrong.


  13. r0bertxo Says:

    Did you just say…. ja Rule?


  14. tm Says:

    Yeah, cortez bryant motherphuqer’s retarded!! No doubt about it!


  15. Piplip Says:

    HAHAHA Did i read jarule? 50 killed him so leave his soul alone his dead, we living in the future and not in the past. Congrats drizzy applause really goin gold in a week ain’t bad at all for modern rap.


  16. tricky bad boy drizzy Says:

    lets compare DRAKE en little kendric albums en see whos best of cause kendric is the loser.if you want beef will give rids


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