Lil Chuckee – LeBron Of My Time [Mixtape]

October 31, 2013 by Danny M


Lil Chuckee LeBron Of My Time Mixtape

Lil Chuckee releases his latest mixtape called LeBron Of My Time, which is hosted by DJ Envy and DJ Blu. The tape consists of 20 songs with features from Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Justin Bieber, Yung Nation, Kevin Gates, Mr. Tony, and Elite.

Hit the jump to grab the download link and view the full tracklist for Chuckee‘s LeBron Of My Time mixtape. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on the project too!

Download: Lil Chuckee – LeBron Of My Time [Mixtape]

Lil Chuckee LeBron Of My Time Mixtape

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26 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – LeBron Of My Time [Mixtape]”

  1. Newton Says:

    Woah Chuckee impressed


  2. patriots Says:

    I felt that his song from D5 would be on here


  3. dude Says:

    To be honest this mixtape is fucked up, even the justin feature was not good,seemed like that it was justins Old material and just gave it to chuckee…..for free as if he is a beggar….. The mixtape is complete full of chuckee shit and even after so many delays…… I must say that if this is the future of young money I can assure u it sucks……… Chuckee pls stop harassing us wid ur music and go and find another job…..rap ain’t ur cup of tea niggaaa….. U r just trying to sound like lil wayne instead of being ur self he was better than u at that age becoz he was not copying anyone he was doing him……m I hope u understand looser ohhh sorry failure……. Piece of shit ur face and ur mixtape….. FUCK OFF


  4. dude a bitch Says:

    Man grow up this mixtape the shit better then alot of peoples shit


  5. KamZiro Says:

    Nice, Lil Chuckee The Best, And Fuck That Top Long Stupid Ass Comment, I Did Not Read It All. This Is A Step To Somewhere For TUNECHI JUNIOR


  6. Stupid K Says:

    @dude, chuckee makes money off rap and as far as I see, u are the loser here LOL


  7. dude Says:

    Stupid K, kam ziro sorry to hurt ur feelings u chuckee cock riders go and suck that monkey’s dick and eat his shit. Isaid the truth the mixtape is a com
    plete flop iohhh I mean to say piece of garbage and he is making no money……..assholess mutherfuckerss


  8. FUCK "dude" Says:

    @Dude shut yo lil hatin ass up lil chuckee goin hard and wayne,was ass when he was 17 so plzz get off my nigga dick he rich as fuck if anything u got alil bit of change on u ,,,FUck niggas smh


  9. olly Says:

    tape is dope


  10. dude Says:

    Yes olly mutherfucka I ain’t hatin I say the truth….. But u chuckee dick riders just can’t accept it, chuckee is gonna get thrown out of young money and the rap game very soon becoz of the shit he records….. I think u guys don’t noe abt real music or heard real niggas rap u just listenin to gay ass shit you homos…….. Go and fuck ur self


  11. 30 seconds to young money Says:

    Dude shut up just let the nigga do his shit just don’t listen to it and stfu bout it…. And he’s improving so suck it easy


  12. kissboi Says:

    Birdman Juniour Junior,fuck a Dude Bitch i’ve got a Puma…Dude told me Chuck u a’int dope,well tell Dude he can suck chuck’s dick…coz he’s got a lot of sperm if ya need it,sperm if ya need it coz he jst made ya hate for no Fuckin reason.


  13. dude Says:

    I m gay


  14. 2siik Says:

    He just missed that Blow Up Song, feat Christian Radke, i think that would make it way better ..

    Still love that Bills Song feat K.G


  15. Lil K Says:



  16. chuckee sucks dick Says:

    Honestly, this mixtape was one of the worst mixtapes I have ever heard in my entire life. I thought his stuff was much better when he first started. Now he’s trying to become something he’s not. Why the fuck are you copying lil waynes style bro? It doesn’t make you unique in any way, that’s not you and you’re not original because LIL WAYNE did it first. I’m sorry brotha but you should definitely consider a career change because no one is going to buy any ‘LIL CHUCKEE’ merchandise or anything remotely garbage as this mixtape. You know what? I’ll be nice wit it.

    Here’s step one: Sell everything you own such as paid off vehicles that is under your name, pawn every gold chain you own.

    Step two: Invest in a business that will allow you to have some leverage with your profits that way you can calculate your finances and have a steady income.

    Step three: Go back to school and take English 1 % 2. Your grammar sucks hard dick, I can’t understand the lyrics to your mixtape because you cannot speak clearly, your lyrics don’t even correlate.

    Step 4: If you cannot complete the following, please go shoot yourself.

    Step 5: That last song you did called ‘fuck with me’ is complete garbage, it will never get played on the radio due to your fucking potty mouth.

    Lil wayne if you’re reading this, please do us all a favor and drop this copy cat from YMCMB and save yourself some $$$. I’d rather hear drake than this ugly monkey motherfucker.

    Tunechi jr?!! REALLY?!!



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