Chanel West Coast Talks Fitting In With Young Money & More [Video]

November 7, 2013 by Danny M


MTV caught up with Chanel West Coast recently to chat about becoming a music artist, Lil Wayne listening to her music for the first time, wanting to collaborate with Nicki Minaj, and more.

Chanel also explained that she adds something different to Young Money and confirmed that she will have a Weezy feature on her upcoming debut studio album.

“That was really hard for me to be on MTV shows and try and break out from that and be known as an artist. But basically I met some of the right people who were like ‘Lil Wayne’s looking for a new artist. I think that Young Money would be a dope lane for you’.”

“I think that we’re all very different, so I think that I add something else that’s different to Young Money. Obviously I’m the first white female rapper; I think I fit in perfectly to be honest, especially with the fact that I come from the skater world and Wayne is very heavily involved in the skateboarding community now and everything. It feels like family.”

“I mean there’s definitely going to be Young Money artists on my album. There’s definitely going to be a song with Wayne. It’s gonna be 10 times as good as the mixtape. You can definitely expect even better.”

“Definitely! I would love to collaborate with Nicki. I hope that she would like to collaborate with me too. That would be like a dream collaboration. I look up to her as a female rapper, a female artist and I think together we would make some really dope music.”

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8 Responses to “Chanel West Coast Talks Fitting In With Young Money & More [Video]”

  1. Ndkg Says:

    Off course she fits in
    Young money is a talentless lable with a slightley charismatic lil wayne who says whats hot and not and have all you opinionless teenagers under control
    Drake is semi talented but his annoying voice and winey subject matters makes him a bitch ass nigger
    Nicki is a talentless scitzo who should be locked up
    The rest is irrelevant and talentless so no need to talk abou them

    You fit right in you wack talentless white girl with annoying laugh
    Best part is YOU make money for the lable who doesnt even pay there artists hahaha


    • CMBYM Says:



    • RichGang Says:

      They are smart enough to make millions, and you’re not even smart enough to end your sentences with a FULL STOP.


  2. God Says:

    For sum1 who don’t like them u sure kno alot about them dumb bufu ass nigga @NGKD ‘s mama’s a bitch !!!!… #YoungMoney truk da wurl



    Chanelle West Coast can’t wait for your album its gonna be a bomb!!!!! ;* [kwekwe]


  4. Ndkg Says:

    I can name 3 members who are constantly forced upon you ?
    How can you not know ?

    @god & @cmbym
    Yall the type of niggus who like to get fingered
    And cant read


  5. Best Says:

    @Ndkg shut up your fucking mouth


  6. D Says:

    @ndkg man u mad coz u broke


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