Nicki Minaj Says Everyone Will Love Her New Album & The Production Is Different

November 7, 2013 by Danny M


Nicki Minaj Says Everyone Will Love Her New Album & The Production Is Different

Nicki Minaj recently told BET that everyone will love her upcoming studio album, which will be released in 2014, and that the production on the project is “different” than what she has recorded over before. The Young Money Barbie also spoke on her partnership with Myx Fusions.

Hit the jump to watch BET‘s interview with Nicki.

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12 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Says Everyone Will Love Her New Album & The Production Is Different”

  1. KinG Says:

    She never disappoints…she goes in hard!!!! Female Weezy


  2. G nik Says:


    Please dont ever comment on anything ever again

    This bitch makes no fucking sense at all
    “Swinging on the vine, mango”



  3. mr. BOBBY Says:

    That’s making my money. Mr. BOBBY! Cheers!


  4. wtf Says:

    Lol true @CMBYM

    I’m not feeling her latest features except for that dope dealer record.


  5. Gdk Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    i say goodday to a sausage call it halloween
    Paint my grill blue call it bluetooth
    Keep baby locked up call it birdcage
    Phone my eagle up call it birdcall
    Eating chocolates with M’s while recordig with my white boy, call it eminem


  6. Gdk Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    I eat nuts with homer simpson call it donuts
    Driving a car with nas call it nascar
    I eat candy while picking cotton, call it cotton candy
    I cut myself upon in the bathroom, call it bloodbath
    I smoke with 2 fingers up, call it greenpeace
    Put draids in my visor, call it crosshair
    I cut my dog open, call it bloodhound
    I fill my balls with corn, call it cornball
    I have so many exes, call it X MAS


  7. ♥Nicki♥Minaj♥ Says:

    I’m ready Queen :)♥ This album is gonna be so dope!


  8. KinG Says:

    @G nik
    U definitely judgin a line and not the whole verse,nikka STFU consider how hip hop has evolved


  9. Mikewill Says:

    Nick I just wanna stick penis in your anus


  10. tiana Says:

    i really cant wait.. shut d heck up kid @mikewill, u wanna get nicki sued for child abuse right??


  11. Chrissy b Says:

    For all u real hiphop lovers. Check out Chrissy B on this music is what the industry is missing! Be on the lookout for my mixtape droppin in January! 🙂


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