Drake Previews “Worst Behavior” Music Video In New Orleans

November 10, 2013 by Danny M

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Drake Previews Worst Behavior Music Video In New Orleans

Last night during his show in New Orleans, Louisiana, Drake treated the crowd and let them watch the music video for his “Worst Behavior” song.

The video, which was shot in Memphis, Tennessee last month, will include cameos from Drizzy‘s father Dennis Graham, Juicy J, Project Pat, Turk, and more.

You can check out a few previews of the “Worst Behavior” visual after the jump below. Hopefully the official music video will premiere soon!

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18 Responses to “Drake Previews “Worst Behavior” Music Video In New Orleans”

  1. LKDN drakes ballsack Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    Get blowjobs for 25cents call it headquarters
    I be quiet when i shoot call it silencer
    I be bowling in the water call it fishbowl
    Ill be nipping on pussys call it catnip
    Driving on my period call it motorcycle
    Working on her tits call it boobjob
    I get jack high call it hijack


  2. repright Says:



  3. !? Says:

    @i ain’t nervous, you mad bro? Its only true

    Lil Wayne be like
    What goes around comes around like a ferris wheel
    I just took the first and made my bitch take the second pill
    Somebody call the doctor cuz i know I’m ill
    Bitch I’m from the 504 where everybodys real
    Walk around with the hammer i was born to kill
    She stays bald like the guy from deal or no deal
    All these girls are on fire call it firehoes
    She walk in my room and takes off all her clothes
    She does coke call her Rudolph the red nose
    Got them naked in my front yard call then


  4. LKDN drakes gspot Says:


    We should do a album bro

    Call it drakes dildo


  5. LKDN drakes ass Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    Put a thumb in my ass when my joint finished call it buttplug

    (The finger is the plug, he puts in his ass wich is butt and when you finish smoking a joint you only have a butt, this is poetic genius at best)


  6. O.v.O Says:

    MudaFckerz” Neva Luv Us.!!


  7. O.v.O Says:



  8. O.v.O Says:

    MudaFckerz” Neva Luv’d Us.!!!


  9. LKDN drakes glitter Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    Paint on my fingertips call it nailpolish
    Bitches say im losing butt i still got it
    I get high on top of the tower see ?
    I cum in the bushes call it flower seeds
    Strong in cotton call it power tee
    Im dirty as fuck please shower me


  10. Lil wayne feat. Tyga - talk B shit Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    I throw this album in the trash call it gudda gudda
    Say i love my bitch but shes my other mother
    I suck my berrys though a straw call it strawberrys
    And eat candy while picking cotton call it cottoncandy
    I say im so hard but im easy
    Smoke with 2 fingers up call it greenpeace
    Even a blind person say they can see me
    And im the leader of the hive call me queen B

    Tyga verse be like
    Bzz bzz bzz my niggers be
    Bzz bzz bzz my bitches be
    Bzz bzz bzz my killers be
    187 if you aint buzzin G

    Track of the year


  11. diamond twista Says:

    drake fuckin with turk dat lost a father few days ago?is he hangin with turk 2 prove a point 2 wayne?


  12. Gangstar chezz Says:

    Stop that Lknd… Get off that computer and get a life


  13. Drake Says:

    looks like another cool video from drake!


  14. Nukey Says:

    @Danny M dunno if you know but the full vid is on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI6CQDFA8gY


  15. Mary Gross Says:

    I think you bring out some of the best music. I’m proud to call you my number one rapper. No one does it like you! Stay true.



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