Kanye West Calls Drake A “Rap God”, Both Attend An After-Party At The Hoxton

December 23, 2013 by Danny M

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Kanye West Calls Drake A Rap God, Both Attend An After Party At The Hoxton

Last night, Drake attended Kanye West‘s “The Yeezus Tour” at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada. During the concert, Kanye thanked Drizzy Drake for coming to the show, as well as calling him the “Rap God”.

After the show, Drake and Kanye both attended an after-party at The Hoxton were they could be seen performing each others’ songs! Hit the jump to check out some clips of Drizzy and Yeezy performing “Worst Behavior“, “Blood On The Leaves“, and “Headlines“.

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14 Responses to “Kanye West Calls Drake A “Rap God”, Both Attend An After-Party At The Hoxton”

  1. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    Shots to Eminem.


  2. lee Says:

    kanye is a bitch for dat how can you call drake a rap God come on man


  3. turn up Says:

    errrrm drake is the rap god tho

    there is no one better in rap right now than drizzy


  4. Whade Says:

    Watch Drake Sign To Kanyes GOOD Music.


  5. Angel Says:

    So these two are best friends again?


  6. marcella Says:

    drake the rap god!!!!! love it


  7. Weezy forever Says:

    I hate kanye & drake is so into him dese days.he didnt thank wayne wen he attended his tour.damn man!!


  8. TRUTH Says:

    Short Dawg vs. Drake….. Short Dawg all fucking day….Drake a rap god smh lets be serious. All you surburban fucks are so dumb it’s ridiculous. Kanye West vs. Short Dawg… hahaha are you kidding me that’s is no contest. Kanye West isn’t even a rapper you knuckleheads. Short Dawg been the best since 2005 while y’all were just getting introduced to similes in rap with Wayne biting off of Gillie ( I suppose). And even though Eminem is a self proclaimed rap God. at least he’s actually and truthfully a rapper from the get go and actually pretty good. Drake ain’t bad don’t get me wrong but Kanye West is just boosting his ego up so he can’t get killed by niggas of the new generation…. ok im done lol


  9. TRUTH Says:

    *can get killed


  10. Uhm ? Says:

    Drake Already Re-Signed. YM For Life


  11. thulani Says:

    drake is the prime minister of hip hop,tunechi is president,k.dot is the king of new york.marshall is definetly a rap god hate it or love it jigga boy


  12. arth Says:

    We all know that there is no god alive, all the gods in the world aren’t even in the world so:
    The Rap God (or gods): 2Pac and Bigge (maybe Eazy E and Big L)
    The King: T.I.
    The Prince: Eminem
    The Best: Lil Wayne

    I think there is nobody better than these 5 rappers, nobody could never beat them, say what they say


  13. Janelle Says:

    Im a big fan of Drake and I have all his album, but I don’t consider him a rapper I consider him more like just a normal singer & he’s not a rapgod or the best right now he never will be. Calling him the rapgod smh -.-



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