Lil Twist Gets A Tattoo Of 2Pac On His Back

January 5, 2014 by Danny M


Lil Twist Gets A Tattoo Of 2Pac On His Back

Lil Twist gets a picture of Tupac Shakur tattooed on his back. The Young Money Youngin’ posted up the photo above on Instagram earlier today with the quote “I’d rather die like a man than live like a coward”, which is a line from 2Pac‘s “Only God Can Judge Me” song.

Do you like Twizzy‘s new ink ❓

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18 Responses to “Lil Twist Gets A Tattoo Of 2Pac On His Back”

  1. back on my bullish*t Says:

    what has he done smfh


  2. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    So stupid lol.


  3. kevin meck Says:

    Damn That Tatt Fucqin Big


  4. The Truth Says:

    Dope and all but why in the flying fuck would you ruin the tattoo with that big ugly fucking upside down star????? dumb shit, perfectly dope tat ruined smmfh!!


  5. no nigga Says:

    didn’t he cry the last time he got a tatt done?


  6. Ym Says:

    Lil twist should kill himself for that putting a ledgends face on his wack no talent having ass


  7. Tanktop bob Says:

    Man i wont even wear a shirt with a dude on it
    Let alone get a tattoo of someone you never met

    This is mad homo
    Lil tornado loves biebers dick


  8. Gorgonzola Says:

    That aint even look like pac
    I look like mike epps

    All that young money and not even get a quality tattoo
    What a fuck nigger this little bitch is


    • The Truth Says:

      @Gorgonzola its 2014 and your still stuck on full retard dipshit. Hate on the tat all you want but take that racist bullshit somewhere else. BITCH and yes I’m white, if you only knew how people like you look saying that wack ass shit. Your mentally ill bro. Have a nice day


    • bianca moore Says:

      it’s OBVIOUSLY PAC you dumb bitch stop hatin’


  9. The Truth Says:

    Shout out Twizzy F even though I caught myself hating about the star shit i take it back. Dope tat my…now if we can get some music with a message like Pac’s message or just a positive message in general instead of this “turn up” music and “trendy” music you”ll be alright


  10. bryce 404 Says:

    nah watch justin’s wannabe black ass go and get biggie or some other dead rapper tatted on him lmfao


  11. Flying saucer Says:

    Are people serious ?

    I agree with gorgonzola
    That face looks like mike epps

    How the fuck does this resembles pac ?
    And why does the whole young money gang have wack quality tattoos ?
    Tygas tattoos also look bootleg as fuck
    The jesus on this stomach and the faces on his back look fucking terrible

    And these are supposed to be rich people ?


  12. smartazz Says:

    Congratufuckinglations, who gives a flying fuck? it doesn’t even look like Pac. Youngsters just get dumber by the second smh


  13. 30 seconds to young money Says:

    Flysaucer tyga got those tatts before he was famous so stfu


  14. nic456pmo Says:

    Got some mad hate damn but kool tat fo show


  15. Jeff Says:

    2pac would be ashamed! #fuckTwist


  16. E Says:

    rofl lil Twizzlers…nigga you still sweet, you still a friutcake in our eyes…ole candycrush ass nigga! u was better off getting a bieber tatt on u since you stay on his nuts all day…least he cuts that check, put a roof over ur wack ass frohawk, lets u drive them whips,suck his dick and etc…nigga be grateful bieber deserves that shit lol Pac don’t know ur gay ass dawg


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