Tyga Hits The Studio With Kanye West To Work On New Music

January 6, 2014 by Danny M

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Tyga Hits The Studio With Kanye West To Work On New Music

Last night, Young Money’s Tyga hit the studio with GOOD Music’s Kanye West to work on new music. T-Raww shared the picture above on his Instagram page with the caption “Raww x Yeezus”.

There is no word yet on what project they were working on, but it could of been Tygaman‘s upcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

Are you looking forward to hearing a Ty and Yeezy collaboration ❓

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11 Responses to “Tyga Hits The Studio With Kanye West To Work On New Music”

  1. ball Says:

    kanye sucks


  2. me Says:

    Tygas muzik will improve soon as possible the rapp game is quiet I wonder hu wil be killin niggas on de mic


  3. O my yeezus Says:

    Damn kanye hit a new low
    Tyga ? Fucking tyga ?
    The guy who tries desperatly to dress exactly the way you do ?

    The guy who always repeats 1 sentence chorusses and always spits bullshit bars wich have nothing to do with the song ?

    Chorus probally be like
    Im rapping with yeeZus yeezus yeezus
    Im chilling with yeezus yeezus yeezus
    Chyna getting anal by yeeZus yeeZus yeeus
    Nigger i think im yeeZus yeezus yeezus


  4. Fuc kkk Says:

    Damn chyna gon have a sore asshole in exchange for a tyga verse on yeezy song


  5. RacKz Says:

    Cant wait to hear what they recorded….


  6. Trizzy Says:

    This is exactly what Lil Wayne and Ye’ should be doing… Smfh


    • bryce 404 Says:

      the year has JUST started damn calm down! im more than sure ye and wayne will get in the studio again


  7. Patriots Says:

    Kanye need 2 be making beats 4 wayne


  8. Rauk Says:

    All’a ya’ll hating on Tyga just need to cut that out, tired of yur bullshit comments as if yu could do better, let rappers improve at their own pace not everyone is good enough to satisfy everyone


  9. aaron Says:

    noooooooooooooooooooo tyga ! smh nah watch his new album end up sounding like that wack ass “yeezus” album. smfh


  10. saun Says:

    but yall boppin to the same simple ass dj mustard beats. think tyga gettin tired of that shit?


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