Romeo Santos – Animales (Feat Nicki Minaj)

February 23, 2014 by Danny M

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Romeo Santos Animales Nicki Minaj

After hearing a snippet last month, here is the full version of Romeo Santos‘ “Animales” song featuring Nicki Minaj.

The track will appear on Romeo‘s forthcoming album, Formula Volume 2, which will be released in stores this Tuesday (February 25th). Click here to listen to the Drake feature off the project.

You can stream “Animales” after the jump below!

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17 Responses to “Romeo Santos – Animales (Feat Nicki Minaj)”

  1. nyakz Says:

    ther is no lil chuckie in that YM album?..what happend?


    • dontae' Says:

      jesus finally answered our prayers!


    • Tunechi F Says:

      OMG SFTU about Lil Chuckee!!! Who the FUCK cares about him? He was talking shit about Wayne and YM so fuck him!! Like Drizzy said “You don’t fuck wit us then we don’t fuck wit yall its no different over on this side” So that’s why he’s not on the album. Get over it!!


  2. bry4n Says:

    nicki killed this


  3. Ehh Says:

    That’s not right. Twist is on it 3 times and chuckee ain’t even on it once smh


    • mark Says:

      because chuckee is wack and twist is dope! get over it


      • Ehh Says:

        LMAO twist ain’t wack??? The fools voice sounds like a 10 year old and every song sounds the same


  4. ♥Nicki♥Minaj♥ Says:

    Yassss Nicki slay♥ My girl is so talented♥


  5. Dildo tunchi Says:

    romeo to skinny for my cock I need a fat nigga


  6. Killuminati Says:

    Chuckee is on his way out of YM!


  7. Wow Says:

    Yes Nicki 🙂


  8. Patriots Says:

    Come on danny 2 songs from fan of a fan 2 leaked one called “do it” and the other one is called “bitches”


  9. yayo Says:

    Goodbye chuckee and short dawg


  10. Best Says:

    Yeah Nicki killed this shit


  11. Shara Johnson Says:

    Loving his sound, make sure to pre-order his album here


  12. Hold up Says:

    It’s about loyalty. Chuckee’s been with YM since he was 9 and they STILL ain’t put him on or even attempted to do so. YM did chuck wrong


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