Drake Brings Out Rihanna To Perform “Take Care” Live For The First Time In Paris, France

February 25, 2014 by Danny M

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Drake Brings Out Rihanna To Perform Take Care In Paris France

Drake brought out Rihanna during a stop on his European “Would You Like A Tour?” at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in France on February 25th.

They performed their collaboration “Take Care” live for the very first time. You can watch some footage from Drizzy and RiRi‘s performance below!

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16 Responses to “Drake Brings Out Rihanna To Perform “Take Care” Live For The First Time In Paris, France”

  1. Beautiful nightmare Says:

    Wack song


  2. bry4n Says:

    i thought these 2 fell out


  3. sp0rt Says:

    the young money album will flop
    its time to collapse the label
    let the main acts just go their own way


  4. Cortez Bryant Says:

    Drake smashed her that night you already know it, and the song is such a deep song not many artists can put his/or person feelings and emotions into a song to make the world feel felt and relate to. I know deep down that song was to/about her. Now its that time again, drakes a little more mature than he was back than. Older women likes that about a man that has tha looks. Wisdom to you young’nz


  5. towelboi Says:

    Will we ever find out why lil chuckee didn’t make the album?

    Will tyga and drake drop a song together?

    Is euro the next ym in artist to blow?

    Will drake and Wayne ever put out another song together?

    Did short dawg get dropped from ym?

    Will Wayne claim his #1 spot again?

    Will drake do a song with his ym label mates and stop acting Brand New?

    Will rise of an empire be worth buying?

    I don’t know but tune in next time


  6. Real Says:

    Ok if you morons didnt know lil chuckee left ym to make music independently


  7. tee Says:

    dt nigga lil chuckee is nthn without YM…i dnt knw y drake cnt make songs wit his YM mates,maybe he thnks he way betta than ’em


  8. fox25 Says:

    He must have just left ym because he felt salty that he didn’t make the album.. just look at his Twitter you dumb fuck @Real


  9. cvon Says:

    Even though drake hasn’t made a song with another YM artist for a little while he still mentions them a lot.. Plus he’s been a couple features with wayne fairly recently.


  10. cvon Says:

    On a*


  11. Real Says:

    @fox25 ur the dumb fuck lil chuckee left awhile ago get ur facts straight u dumb fuck!


    • Fox25 Says:

      @Real Get your facts together dumb fuck… His tweets say different. He just started talking about doing his own thing this week. I’m tired of these fake ass ym fans


  12. Real Says:

    @fox25 ur the dumb fuck and get ur facts straight bitch if you really care of lil chuckee go suck his dick then faggot!


  13. ymbay Says:

    @fox25 I agree with you. Why would he complain about not being on the album if he was already independent? His last mixtape had the ymcmb stamp all over it but whatever. Take it easy fellas


  14. marcella Says:

    marcellarider@!! Team Aubrih;)


  15. marcella Says:

    Beautiful song!!!!!Team Aubrih;)


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