Drake Brings Out Kanye West In Berlin, Calls Him “The God” [Video]

February 28, 2014 by Danny M

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On February 27th, Drake performed live on the European leg of his “Would You Like A Tour?” in Berlin, Germany at the O2 World.

During the concert, Drizzy brought out Kanye West to perform “Black Skinhead“. After Yeezy finished performing, Drake let everyone know that “this is the reason I’m standing in front of you today, this is the mentor, this is the God, this is the genius of all geniuses, this is the man that is Kanye mothafuckin’ West”

You can watch Drizzy Drake and Kanye performing in the clip above!

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18 Responses to “Drake Brings Out Kanye West In Berlin, Calls Him “The God” [Video]”

  1. sp0rt Says:

    wow shots sent to weezy


  2. Kfraze Says:

    That’s fucked wayne Is all of that. Everything drake learned is because of wayne. Can’t believe he said that.


  3. Patriots Says:

    When drake gonna stop suckin kanye n jay z dick.


  4. Dildo Says:

    I wanna slap drizzy & yeezy with my dick


  5. Ray lapic Says:

    Drizzy is mess’d up but he can’t always thnk wayne there’s other people in his lyf


  6. bry4n Says:

    the god?

    i don’t see wayne here…..


  7. nyakz Says:

    tha carter v 1st single droppin nxt week…”no answers” ft kanye west


  8. Best Says:

    Fuck you Drake, how can you call Kanye West “the God”, when Wayne is there. Fuck you again, I’m beginning to hate you


  9. Melo Says:

    Idgi, how can he says kanye is the god the MENTOR like.. How bout Wayne. That dude’s fucked up


  10. Don Says:

    @nyaks how do you know that


  11. lee Says:

    last time i checkd drake said weezy and stunna my only role models..drake is fake he is gay


  12. Lol Says:

    All these cats you ladies are fighting about are all so UNORIGINAL. Drake, Kanye, Wayne, Jay-Z are all PLAYED OUT. There time has passed. Why you think all they talk about is the same shit over and over and over again. Now Short Dawg on da other hand is on the same label and raps everybody I just mentioned in CIRCLES. These dudes ain’t bad rappers. Their time is just up. And these new cats are just clogging up da pipeline for the REAL artist out there. BELIEVE DAT lol


    • lil terry Says:

      nigga can you stop sucking short dawg dick on every post on this site. you’re annoying as fuck, you got a crush on short dawg and shit. ol fag ass nigga HE’S WACK now move on bitch nigga


  13. lil terry Says:



  14. Trequan Says:

    Hahaha remember when Kanye called LIL WAYNE the god smh, drake is there because OF WAYNE, WAYNE IS YO DAMN BOSS the nigga u jumping around with called ur boss the best rapper in the world…. drake pays weezy no notoriety what so ever, it’s saddening to me this nigga won’t be YM too long


  15. khosta Says:

    That’s why I hate Drake, he’s a bitch as nigga I can’t believe he said all of that, what about Wayne? Wayne taught him everything and gave him experience and helped him rise to the top, drake is a fuck nigga. I hope Euro don’t do the same when he’s at the top


  16. dank Says:

    Why does nobody ever callout that gay ass way Drake always jumps on stage?


    • marty Says:

      aha watched the video just to check that shit. drakes a fuck boy, fell off with the fame


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