Torion Speaks On How He Got Signed To Young Money, Lil Wayne’s Crib & More

March 6, 2014 by Danny M


Torion Speaks On How He Got Signed To Young Money, Lil Wayne Crib & More

Torion Sellers recently called into The ScribeCash Show on Las Vegas’ The Rebel 91.5FM radio station.

During the interview, Torion chatted about how old he was when he first decided to sing, church, the story of how he got signed to Young Money, music artists that he looks up to, Lil Wayne‘s house, upcoming songs that he has recorded with Lela Brown, and more.

Hit the jump to listen to the full interview!

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9 Responses to “Torion Speaks On How He Got Signed To Young Money, Lil Wayne’s Crib & More”

  1. 1 Says:

    i thought this lil nigga wasn’t ymcmb anymore? weren’t he tryna sue the label lol??


    • $LVLifestyle$ Says:

      facts,Me too I thought he was out!How he gon get signed before Euro but Euro drops more music then him and is on the upcoming YoungMoney album


  2. Yeah Says:

    Kinda like how chuckee was signed before euro but didnt drop an EP or album..


    • Cortez Bryant Says:

      Chuckee is not ready he hardly has any fans so if he was to ever drop an ablum it would automatically flop and lots of rappers and people knows that, not to mention it won’t help profit the label, effort, time and money towards putting in a ablum production.


  3. #UBitchU Says:

    That’s What All y’all Get For Believing Blogs & Shit Thinking Y’all know Everything ! FUCKING FAGGOTS


  4. Ymcmb4life Says:

    Thts because chuckee isent on any big names in a songs other than ym salute and before tune gets back other than tht he don’t really get to many chances but u no he can rap though he doin wht wayne did before he dropped c3 and dats just putting out as many mixtape a as he can so people will know what he capable of and want him to drop when he finally does release that album of his


  5. dank Says:

    About the chuckee thing..and same for twist matter of fact.

    You kids dont understand what Wayne is trying to do with their artists. And maybe that’s because you don’t know what the A & R role of a record label is. He is more concerned with building the artist before throwing him out there. Chuckee was ill for a 13 year old and he could of sent him out there and done the lil bow wow kid hop thing but thats not the goal. Even as a 16-17 year old he’s good compared to any other 16-17 year olds that are actually on the map but he’s still not a platinum selling artists. Wayne wants to actually build the performer before making him perform. Since we are in the internet age you get to actually see that process before the release rather than him just coming out of the gates strong.


  6. dank Says:

    And actually that rolls around to Torion. That’s probably what Torion realized needed to happen and why he stayed on the label…and why he didn’t get that album release right away.


  7. dank Says:

    and keep in mind im not a chuckee fan at all hahaha.


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