Flow Exonerated Of All Charges Relating To His Attempted Murder Case

April 19, 2014 by Danny M

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Flow Exonerated Of All Charges Relating To His Attempted Murder Case

On Wednesday, Flow was exonerated of all charges relating to his attempted first-degree murder and two counts of armed robbery case!

If you didn’t already know, the Esho Hero was arrested back in July, 2013 and spent months locked up behind bars at the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff in Chalmette, Louisiana.

According to Flow‘s management, he is now focused on finishing up his Withdrawals mixtape and getting ready to go on a tour this summer.

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11 Responses to “Flow Exonerated Of All Charges Relating To His Attempted Murder Case”

  1. back on my bullish*t Says:

    great news
    cant wait for the mixtape


  2. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    Flow touring the whole of the US?


  3. turn up Says:

    how he get away with murder LOL


    • Brazy Livin Says:

      It was attempted murder plus they aint have any evidence on the big homie


  4. Nine Six Says:

    @turn up, it was an attempted 1st degree murder lol


    • turn up Says:

      lol but still how did he get away with this


      • RichGang Says:

        Ahaha that’s the plus side of being YMCMB, just like how Cory ended up getting probation rather than jail time


  5. ym fan Says:

    @turn up, maybe cause he didn’t do it? In og bobby Johnson he says “they tried to lock me up talkin bout I shot a nigga… I get money why you feel I gotta Rob a nigga” maybe he didn’t do it


  6. Yedi Says:

    The world is so fucked up man. Any normal person not in YM would be doing YEARS! this is some fucking BS man. I mean cool that he got out prison is hell but it’s still BS


  7. Griff Says:

    “To beat a murder charge in new orleans is so easy
    shroomies got me spookin, i’m shootin for no reason”


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