Tyga Responds Back To Lil Durk’s Diss Over The “Chi-Raq” Instrumental

May 4, 2014 by Danny M

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Tyga Responds Back To Lil Durk Diss Over Chi-Raq Instrumental

Tyga just uploaded a clip to his Instagram page of him previewing his “Chi-Raq” verse that he remixed. During the freestyle, Ty can be heard responding to Lil Durk‘s recent diss towards him:

“Who the fuck is Lil Durk, I dust you like ash and purp”

If you didn’t already know, Lil Durk dissed T-Raww on his own “Chi-Raq” remix with the following line:

“Tyga only got one name, but that nigga ain’t got one stripe”

According to Lil Durk, the beef started over Tygaman not liking a line that Durk rapped about his girlfriend and baby mother Blac Chyna.

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19 Responses to “Tyga Responds Back To Lil Durk’s Diss Over The “Chi-Raq” Instrumental”

  1. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    Tyga just need to stop. He gonna get killed.


  2. Faded Says:

    Weak ass diss and weak ass beef


  3. Juelz Says:

    That Chevy is sexy


  4. Joshua Says:

    I don’t hate tyga but lil durk can actually fuck him up


  5. wtf Says:

    At least he responded and he said lil durks name. Shout out to Tyga for holding his own weight.


  6. Beautiful nightmare Says:

    Need the full version


  7. RyeBread Says:

    Tyga going to fuck this nigga up #LastKings
    Lil durk is a bitch with all these other niggas with the same name like lil hurb and gay ass lil. Durk going to switch his name to Lil dick after this song drop!


  8. Tyga Says:

    Tyga finna murder this gay ass nikka!!
    West Coast!


  9. deano molli Says:

    Fufu gon get dealt with tyga aint put in no drill


  10. s Says:

    his baby mama is ugly as fuck only his bony ass want that nicki minaj wannabe


  11. Ha Says:

    ^lmao he can’t get nicki so that’s the next best thing


  12. Kenzo Says:

    Tyga u a Reall Nigga for holding yours. Wtf these bitch ass niggas on here chattin abt chicago hard, EVERYWHERE HARD!! They aint thw Only goons they just the weakest city if niggas dyin like flies ova dumb shit…. Yall need to give it up to tyga for holdin it down n takin chancea


  13. TRIGGA Says:

    Yow, I aint know nothing bout this Lil durk nigga, but I heard him over Meek Mill- Chi-raq… And yea Durk got something working… But T-Raw with Game, nd prolly th west Coast. We got “Kendrick nd SchoolBoy Q” mentioned a couple of times there #Chi-Raq to LA. Lil Durk better walk away bitch ass nigga!!!! What u think its goin happen?! #LK #Game #WestSide #FewBloods #FewCrips they goin 40gloc this nigga Durk yall wait and see


    • Chiraq BPSN Says:

      they dont want beef with Chiraq trust me only city thats as hard as us is Detroit you LA niggas str8 Hollywood


  14. Chiraq BPSN Says:

    Tyga you done fucked up you LA niggas dont want them Chiraq goons on your ass.We not New York we Chicago the hardest Muthafucking city in the USA home of the real gangbangers,only LA niggas I respect is Compton and Watts the rest of you niggas are fufu ass niggas. LA niggas wouldnt last a minute in Chicago just remember BlackSTOnes are in LA which is a Chicago street gang bougthto LA from OG T Rodgers originally from Chiraq but crips and bloods are not in Chiraq and will never be


  15. Chiraq BPSN Says:

    Kendrick Lamar whole fucking family is from chicago alot of compton niggas have ties to Chicago ask Kendrick his mom and daddy from Chicago Englewood you LA niggas dont want war trust me…


  16. deepeast oakland Says:

    What type of nigga will make comment saying that one state is harder than the other.this computer shit giving fake bitch niggas like chiraq bpsn power.aint no real niggas go diss LA or Compton because real niggas do real things.this nigga on the computer runing his mouth.real niggas don’t respect that.this nigga chiraq bpsn is a bitch.its real niggas everywhere boy.and ain’t no nigga go come to nobody backyard and do nothing.LA gangbang the bay stay mob in! Come out here and get striped like 2chains!



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