Vinylz Chats About Nicki Minaj’s Upcoming Album & Producing Her “Chi-Raq” Beat

May 14, 2014 by Danny M


Vinylz Chats About Producing Nicki Minaj Chi-Raq Beat & Her Upcoming Album

Vinylz recently chopped it up with AllHipHop for an interview about producing the Young Money Barbie‘s “Chi-Raq” beat, if he had any idea that Tyga and The Game would rap over it to diss Lil Durk and 40 Glocc, his thoughts on Drake and Jay-Z‘s “beef”, and more.

The producer also shared a few details on Nicki Minaj‘s upcoming The Pink Print album after he had a studio session with her at the end of 2013.

You can read the interview after the jump below!

You also did Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq” beat. You’re well-connected with the whole Young Money camp. Did you know Tyga and Game were going to use that beat for their Lil Durk/40 Glocc diss “ChiRaq To LA”?
Nah, I had no idea. I just always knew that beat was going to get remade and used by the whole world. I had a feeling when it dropped.

Did you do any other tracks with Nicki?
Yeah, we did a few out there. She flew us out before Thanksgiving. We did a whole bunch of records with her. Hopefully she has some more on the album.

She’s said she feels like she’s leaning more toward Hip Hop as opposed to some of her pop stuff on the last album. Were you able to get a direction of where she’s heading with the project?
I’m not sure on the direction. I just know that she’s really coming with lyrics, harder bars. She’s not only getting at the females now. She’s actually getting at the males. Her raps are right up there with the guys. She’s just coming with it. She’s going hard on this one. The beats are more bouncy – some hard Hip Hop stuff.

Do you have an idea on the subject matter she’s focusing on?
I’m not sure of any subject matter. I just know that she’s has a lot to say. A lot has happened. A lot of controversy. A lot of people were getting at her for putting out a somewhat poppy album, so she’s got a lot to say.

Speaking of controversy, Drake and Jay Z had their back-and-forth recently. It seems to be more about the competition of Hip Hop than “beef.”
Yeah, it’s Hip Hop. It’s all competitive. They don’t really have no real issues, I’m sure. It’s just Hip Hop. It’s actually fun. If everyone gets along, it’s kind of boring. [laughs] It’s a competitive sport.

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  1. 007 Says:

    it sounded to me like he knows nothing about the album


  2. Beautiful nightmare Says:

    Nicki need to release her single


  3. fuck niggers Says:

    she’s a dumb fucking nigger. kkk all the way mother fucker


  4. 3peat Says:

    @fuckniggers FUCK YOU CRACKER BOY!


  5. Khosta Says:

    Chi-raq beat is the best beat I’ve heard since 2011



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