Lil Twist Previews A New Song Called “Man In The Mirror” Off “The Golden Child 2”

May 23, 2014 by Danny M

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Lil Twist Previews A New Song Called Man In The Mirror Off The Golden Child 2

Lil Twist recently uploaded a clip to his Instagram page of him previewing a new song called “Man In The Mirror“.

The track will appear on Twizzy‘s upcoming The Golden Child 2 mixtape, which currently has no release date.

You can listen to a sneak peek of “Man In The Mirror” after the jump below!

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10 Responses to “Lil Twist Previews A New Song Called “Man In The Mirror” Off “The Golden Child 2””

  1. bounce Says:

    why twist with david beckham?


  2. jermaine Says:

    doesn’t even sound good


  3. Ugh Says:

    Twist needs to give it up!!!


  4. jeff Says:

    Wow! U people r just haters all around cause this song sounds dope. Twist always kills it and it aint hard to tell hes the future Wayne! There is a reason Wayne gave him the name Twizzy F! Keep killin em Twizzy! Wildkidz shit!


  5. Ugh Says:

    @jeff lmao really now? Twist was supposed to be this big thing but where’s his album at? Where’s his mixtape at? Not hating but the kid ain’t as dope as Wayne tries to make him look


  6. Jeff Says:

    Like he says in Bang Yall ni\\as thought I lost it Im awesome, I just took a break to teach a young ni\\a how to boss it.
    Twizzy opened up on his ustream about 2 months ago about the real reason his album never got released. He was messing with some kind of pill that Wayne didnt condone at all so Wayne pulled his album and thats why he changed the name to Bad Decisions.


  7. jeff Says:

    As to why the Wake up mixtape never came out I blame Tez for that one. It seems like Tez is prohibiting Twist because he was supoosed to release TGC2 april 1st and he was wanting to and then Tez said hold on man I got the dj u wanted so he decided to wait and now we dont know the release date. Im sure it will be out by July though for sure.


  8. Ugh Says:

    Twist can’t rap though that’s the thing. Even if those are the reasons, he can’t make decent songs. Every track sounds the same. He has nothing to rap about so he defaults to lines like “Where the bad bitches at gon smoke? Where the bad bitches at gon drank? Where the bad bitches at that twerk? Put them weak bitches out that can’t”. I don’t take twist seriously as a rapper


  9. youngkid12 Says:

    Lil twist is still at that stage where he really hasn’t found his flow he needs to be him not a wanna be Wayne he has a future he just needs to find his flow


  10. Stoner3k Says:

    That’s why yaw don’t get paid to make decisions or opinions because they be stupid AF


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