Andrew “Pop” Wansel Says Nicki Minaj Is “Going The Fuck Off” On “The Pink Print”

June 18, 2014 by Danny M


Andrew Pop Wansel Says Nicki Minaj Is Going The Fuck Off On The Pink Print

Producer and songwriter Andrew “Pop” Wansel, who has done work on all of Nicki Minaj‘s studio albums, recently spoke to The FADER about the Young Money Barbie.

Andrew Wansel chatted about how Nicki has changed his life, producing “Your Love” in his mom’s basement, the song leaking by accident, her pop and rap sounds, and her forthcoming The Pink Print album.

You can read what Pop said about Minaj after the jump below!

Your breakout record was “Your Love” by Nicki Minaj. Her first single “Massive Attack” had flopped, and then “Your Love” leaked and it sort of saved her album. How did all of that play out?
First and foremost, I gotta say that woman… what a woman. She’s amazing. She helped change my life. I’m forever indebted to her, I love her. I’ve known her since 2006. I sent her a message on Myspace, and she went on my page and listened to my beats and was like, “Yo, your dope. Send me some shit.” I cooked her some beats and we’ve always worked that way ever since then. I started placing records, she got a deal and became Nicki Minaj. She just always made sure I was in tow with her. I did “Your Love” in my basement in my mom’s house. My sister, Jackie, loves Annie Lennox and she was like, “Yo, you should sample this shit.” And I was just like, “Oh, I fucking hate this song. It’s so annoying.” She was always playing it when she was cleaning and stuff. And the one day this shit was just in my head, so I went in my basement and looped the sample up. I put a kick and a snap on it, and that was all I did because I just wanted enough for me to be able to lay my hook down before I forgot it. I didn’t think nothing of it. That song was for me at the time. I was sending Nicki some beats, and I attached it to the email by mistake. I texted her like “I didn’t mean to send you that one.” She called me right away and was like, “Yo, what the fuck is this? This shit’s crazy.” And then she did the record and it sat there. And that was it.

Two years later, somebody from Atlanta at Hot Beats Studio changed my life. They leaked it–that was January 20th, I’ll never forget. Nicki was horrified. She called me like “Oh my god, I sound so bad. The Auto-Tune is so bad. I’m singing and people have never heard me like this. I hate this shit.” But it was a leak so we figured the world would forget about it at some point. “Massive Attack” came months later, and whatever happened with that song happened, but “Your Love,” that leak was still not going away. That leaked, unmastered demo charted on Billboard on its own. I texted Nicki like, “Dude, this shit charted.” She was like, “Wow.” And so I had to go in with Oak and we had to replay the sample because Annie Lennox would not clear the master. I sent her the new beat, she rerecorded it. Baby, Cash Money, they were like “We puttin’ this shit out. They put it out June 1st. Six months after it leaked, they released it, and by July we had a #1 record. #1 for eight weeks.

So every step of the way that song was an accident?
Every step of the way was an accident. Some people on Nicki’s end didn’t want to put the record out. Her management at that time. But the world was lovin’ it and the world didn’t want to let that song go. They would not let the song die. Everything about it was an accident.

It’s a crazy record to revisit now because so much of the conversation about Nicki is her pop sound versus her rap sound. “Your Love” was one of the first times we heard Nicki Minaj make a pop song.
That’s why I fuckin’ hate people. Their job is to like something or not like it and to go on about their day. If you don’t like it, don’t support it. If you like it, support it. It’s that fuckin’ simple. But for Nicki, I love when Nicki is being Nicki. I love when she’s embracing what she is and what she wants to be. “Your Love” is Nicki. Nicki loves that kinda shit. “Pills N’ Potions?” That’s Nicki! That’s Nicki! Singin’ those little parts, raps in the verses, bein’ real. She loves that. She loves those airy, piano, vibey-type serious kinda sounds. People didn’t really get to see that much in the beginning, with the wittiness and the characters, Roman and all that shit. It was all epic, but I love when Nicki follows that balance, and that perfect balance to me is that new single “Pills N’ Potions”. It’s incredible.

What kind of stuff are you and Nicki working on for the new album?
I’m good at bringing out her softer side. Songs like “Your Love” and “Save Me,” which is a fan-favorite, “Right by My Side” and “Fire Burns.” I’m good at that with her. In regards to the overall sound of her album, all I can say is she’s going the fuck off. I dare after this album comes out for a month for a motherfucker to say, “Oh Nicki Minaj can’t rap” again. I’ll never understand that, but there’s nothing you could be able to say.

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