Euro – July [Mixtape]

July 31, 2014 by Danny M


Euro July Mixtape

Out of nowhere, Euro has released his very first mixtape titled July, which consists of 7 songs as July is the seventh month.

You can stream the tape, as well as view the tracklist and grab the download link below!

Download: Euro – July [Mixtape]

1. Euro – Paris Morton Music (Freestyle)
2. Euro – I Know My Name
3. Euro – Last I Knew
4. Euro – Preach
5. Euro – Renegade (Freestyle)
6. Euro – Sweet Dreams
7. Euro – Euro’s 2014 (Freestyle)

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55 Responses to “Euro – July [Mixtape]”

  1. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    I bet this will be dope. Going to listen to it tonight.


  2. Pascal Says:

    He the best on YMCMB no arguing


  3. Lil zeetune Says:

    Dis z greateness in da makng..jst wsh it had Flow #dope


  4. Khosta Says:

    it’s so dope damn


  5. east5 Says:

    he snappin on every song


  6. SunKizz Says:

    What happened to the tape being called Don’t Expect Nothin?????


    • Luigy thone Says:

      he said this is what to expect on don’t expect nothing mixtape #irony….the real mixtape is coming


  7. Khosta Says:

    #preach, danny what do you think of the mixtape?


  8. MrNinoBrown Says:

    This Tape is sooooo good. That’s MUSIC.


  9. MrNinoBrown Says:

    10 times better than Flow’s latest tape.


  10. Lil zeetune Says:

    Mrninobro.,dats ur opinion..dis is my own nd i stll thnk witdrawal better


    • MrNinoBrown Says:

      Of course it’s IMO man. I respect yours though


    • Trequan Says:

      Hell yeah Flow’s latest mixtape is fire,and better #FlameGang #TheFlamez


  11. n Says:

    did someone know what beats are used???


    • RIP Magnolia Shawty girl Says:

      The freestyles are listed as freestyles
      The other songs are original songs


  12. RIP Magnolia Shawty girl Says:

    I Know My Name is my fav on this……


  13. YaGranmama Says:

    i just wish Flow would’ve been on it. Euro & Flow equal in my mind…


  14. 1 Says:

    Euro gonna be the next Drake


  15. dominicano Says:

    Goat shit!!!!!!!!!he better than drake bruh i swear


  16. john Says:

    This is a more than decent tape


  17. Canny N Says:

    It’s great mate
    Telling his story in this tape
    Nicely done
    had it on repeat all morning


  18. MrNinobrown Says:

    Had the tape on repeat too. My best tracks are I know My name Euro 2014 and Paris Morton music. No doubt he’s gonna be the next to grow on YM


  19. imnewmoney Says:

    from where should i download disz trak i m nt getting frm anY werr


  20. Euro Fan Says:

    Euro is just lyrically damn good eyy! Impressed, the next big thing right there!!


  21. TM Says:

    Someone said he’s bette than Drake. C’mon man, let’s not get ahead of ourselves yeah?! But yeah, this is great though! Looks like Euro was a great signing afterall. This is exciting.


  22. M€LA20 Says:

    Euro shitting better then most n!ggas in the game! #YMCMB


  23. C5 Says:

    well i am just soooooooooo confused ryt now, Euro, Drake and Nicki????? who better? all these spiiters are killing everything ryt now, Euro from D5, YM TROAE and now JULY, he’s wordplay n bars, dyuuuuuuum n dont sleep on Flow, Gunna, Gudda, Millz and Tyga, well Twizz is still learning


  24. dipset Says:

    This dude can rap, atleast I got july and withdrwalz to hold me till tha carter v!


  25. KinG Says:

    This tape goes in!!!
    Finna hold me till C5 drops….
    Euro spits harder bars than most nikkas in the mainstream!!


  26. Lil zeetune Says:

    Haha…yall hatng twizz,hopefuly weezy drops c5 b4 it gets playdout


  27. Z Says:

    Euro sounds too much like drake. He’s developing . But he needs to pronounce better and it kinda sounds like it wasn’t developed right I can’t explain. But solid mixtape
    I wish wayne would push flow and Cory like this, I guess he’s excited about the “new”
    Flow= mini wayne
    Euro=mini drake
    Nicki- mini coming soon


  28. dipset Says:

    @z. Flow = mini Wayne. Euro= mini Drake ««««« so True!


  29. TinaTurnUp Says:

    Wow. Euro must be up next. 2015 xxl freshman right here! Wish flow and wayne was on the tape though


  30. michaelym Says:

    Sounds like jay z on so many of these songs.. he’s nice. Good lyrical and a good ear for beats. He gunna go far! Excited to hear what’s next, most rappers first project ain’t all that.. but this was good v good. YM


  31. saeee Says:

    listening to this… wow


  32. Khosta Says:

    so when it’s a Euro tape there’s so many comments??? He’s the best


  33. C5 Says:

    Lol I feel you khosta, flow z veeeeery good but compared to Euro itz different, Euro duznt jt rap bwt weed n pussy, he tells good stories in a very good poetic way! So Euro wins


  34. Cortez Bryant Says:

    Great to read you guys are all liking Euro’s music, be looking forward for his other mixtape “SOON” !


  35. Willz Says:

    This niqqa is something else..#Preach


  36. TUNEinKIDZ Says:

    dope. Paris morton and renegade are some real shit! I feel like he still has to find his style and sound but this is actually a really dope start for euro


  37. kevin meck Says:

    FLOW sounds like WAYNE & EURO sound like DRAKE
    is this substitution ???


  38. YmCmB Says:

    Euro is already better than everyone in Young Money, besides Wayne and Drake. Give him time though and he will get just as big as Drake if not bigger.
    Young Money top 5:
    1: Wayne
    2: Drake
    3: Euro
    4: Flow
    5: Tyga


  39. rasky Says:

    this mixtape is dope


  40. loco Says:

    Call me old but, im still bumping some ole jae mills, short dawg, original ym members shit except chuckees, im bored of dis same shit flow, back in da day u had to be REALLY UNIQUE, whats happened to our ears?


  41. Ymcmb Says:

    Shit wack ! Euro is garbage


  42. Bmac7 Says:

    Euro sounds more like wayne than flow does.. And flow is not mini wayne flow has been around for a long time. Euro somewhat sounds like drake but he kills it like wayne so he has his own style


  43. bryan Says:




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