Reginae Carter Speaks On The Traits She Gets From Her Parents, Hairfinity & More

August 17, 2014 by Danny M


Reginae Carter Speaks On Traits She Gets From Her Parents, HAIRFINITY & More

Reginae Carter recently chopped it up with Tone Swep from Pure DOPE Magazine about speaking on the mic at the 2014 BET Awards, her sound, which music producers she has worked with so far, her “Mind Going Crazy” single, being a Junior Brand Ambassador for Hairfinity, what traits she gets from her parents Lil Wayne and Toya Wright, her Paparazzi Princesses book, and more.

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(ToneSwep: TS) Reginae, you landed on the national map in The Carter Documentary, and later as part of the girl power group OMG Girlz. Give us an update into what projects you are currently working on.
(Reginae Carter: Reginae) Well… I’ve been working on Reginae. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and I just was signed to my Father’s record label, Young Money.

(TS) Did Nicki catch you off guard when she asked you to “speak for your Daddy” at this year’s BET Awards?
(Reginae) Yes! (Laughs!) I wasn’t planning on going up on the stage at first! Then, I went and I was totally caught off guard but I had to speak for my team and I really enjoyed it.

(TS) You sing and rap with equal ability. Which are you most excited about, or perhaps, which do you most identify with: being a Singer or being a Rapper?
(Reginae) I love rapping and singing equally. It comes from watching my father rap and perform, as well as from listening to such inspirational singers with beautiful voices.

(TS) Now that you are officially signed to Young Money and recording your debut project, what is your creative process in terms of writing songs and recording new music? What producers are you working with? Do you have any cool artist features coming up?
(Reginae) My creative process is just brainstorming on what goes on in my life so I can incorporate it into my songs, and just have fun while doing it. The producers I’ve worked with so far are Detail and Kane! I haven’t had any features so far but I’m definitely working on that right now.

(TS) When do you plan to release your debut album “Becoming Reginae”? What can we expect the signature Reginae Carter sound to be?
(Reginae) Well, I’m just now wrapping up my EP. I don’t want to waste any time. My sound will be a mixture between pop and Hip Hop.

(TS) I saw your video “Mind Goin’ Crazy” along with the rest of the world on Weezy Wednesday. How has the response been so far? Which artist could you see on the remix?
(Reginae) The response for Mind Goin’ Crazy has been crazy good! I’m so proud of myself (Laughs)! Everyone in general has been very supportive. I can definitely see Nicki Minaj on this song because Mind Goin’ Crazy is so fun and it fits both of our personalities.

(TS) You have famous parents. With your father, Wayne, being one of the greatest rappers and music executives ever; and your mother, Toya, being a successful entrepreneur, spokes-model, and reality TV star. Give us one quality you feel you embody, a couple traits you have, from each of your parents.
(Reginae) I get my performance skills and work ethic from my father because we both love giving a good show in front of a crowd of people. And we kill it every time! I get my entrepreneurship and independence from my mother because we both love having our own, and always love coming up with new ideas.

(TS) In your novel, “Paparazzi Princesses”, you and Bria use fiction to discuss the challenges of being the daughters of Hip Hop moguls. Why do you feel your book resonated so well with young readers?
(Reginae) Even though Paparazzi Princesses is a fictional book, it still pointed out real life issues that we go through. Things kids our age will relate to.

(TS) What initially inspired you to become a novelist, a writer, at such a young age? Particularly sense you already had music and television careers developing.
(Reginae) I’ve always watched my mother work so hard on her book and I loved how she was so dedicated. And even though I was younger, I believed that I could work hard and do the same.

(TS) You recently teamed up with HAIRFINITY, signing on as the Junior Brand Ambassador for the product. What are some of your responsibilities? How has your experience been working with the brand thus far?
(Reginae) Working with HAIRFINITY has been a great experience! I love how I can have fun and at the same time get the word out about great hair care and beauty as the Junior Brand Ambassador.

(TS) What cool footage is going to be on the next “Becoming Reginae” series? The first showed you getting your driver’s license. Where did you film? Who is making guest appearances?
(Reginae) Becoming Reginae has a lot of cool footage of just my everyday life. I filmed almost everywhere I went. I have great guest appearances like T.I., Lil Twist, and Lauren London.

(TS) What makes Reginae Carter DOPE?
(Reginae) What makes me DOPE has to be my personality, my style, and the fact that you will never find another Reginae Carter!

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