Flow Takes Part In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 20, 2014 by Danny M


Flow Takes Part In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We’ve seen Drake and Tyga do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and now it’s the Esho Hero‘s turn to pour a bucket of ice-cold water over his head.

You can watch a clip of it all going down below. Flow also mentioned that he will be donating all of that money in his hand to the ALS Association!

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8 Responses to “Flow Takes Part In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. flex Says:

    no homo


    • slime Says:

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  2. Beautiful nightmare Says:

    This dude never blowing up, he still in the hood


    • natruelle Says:

      bish what you doing with yo life? he will blow up and what you doing again? yea shut the f up.he doing better than you bish! and with over a hundred gees in the bank… how i know cuz i’m the moma BITCH!


  3. Justin Says:

    He will blow up.. The fact that he In the “hood” shows he’s keeping his soul he’s not sold out


  4. Birdmans claw Says:

    Yeah another attentionwhore nigga

    Since you brag about how rich you are give some fucking money instead of being sheep ass monkey see monkey do nigga


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