Drake Gets A Praying iPhone Emoji, “6” & More Tattooed On His Forearms

September 26, 2014 by Danny M


Drake Gets A Praying iPhone Emoji & More Tattooed On His Forearms

Earlier this year, Drake made a visit to Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood to get a new tattoo and on Wednesday, he made another visit to get more ink on his body.

During his latest session with artist Dr. Woo, Drizzy got “6” for his homwtown Toronto, a praying iPhone emoji, and “Everything happens for a reason sweet thing” all tattooed on his forearms.

You can check out Drizzy Drake‘s new tattoos in the photo above!

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7 Responses to “Drake Gets A Praying iPhone Emoji, “6” & More Tattooed On His Forearms”

  1. flex Says:

    who the fuck gets a emoji as a tattoo???


  2. quece Says:

    Its praying hands dumbass anything religious is never harmful.


  3. YouKnowIGotIt Says:

    well that’s stupid. They said it doesn’t mean praying, it’s a high five… thought everybody knew by now… them feels for drake


    • Danny M Says:

      Apple lists the emoji as praying hands. Drake also calls himself ‘6 God’, which also makes more sense with the tatts and he was quoted saying “who high fives in 2014″…


  4. Wtf Says:

    Who told you it was a high five? Haha

    Since when do high fives have a glowing light around them? How much sense would that make….


  5. YouKnowIGotIt Says:

    go google emoji highfive it’s a fact bruh…


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