Swagg Milliano – You Know That (Feat Cory Gunz) [Music Video]

October 11, 2014 by Danny M

Music Videos

Swagg Milliano You Know That Feat Cory Gunz Music Video

Check out the official music video for Swagg Milliano‘s “You Know That” track featuring Cory Gunz below.

The visual, which was shot in The Bronx, New York City, was directed by DeadEyez and MoneyMark.

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19 Responses to “Swagg Milliano – You Know That (Feat Cory Gunz) [Music Video]”

  1. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    I can’t believe Tyga wants out of YM, I’m telling you right now the label will fall off completely in the next few years.


  2. ridaaa Says:

    this nigga stay doing irrelevant videos with nobodies


  3. kissboi Says:

    the shit they doin ain’t good,mean they holdin T~raw & Twist back coz they don’t want people to forget about C5,seems to me like they only promoting Weezy This season…I always wondered why chuckee left ym


  4. wtf Says:

    Like Mack said “Don’t forget about puttin limes in coconuts!!! What you “rep” didn’t make you or build you” why put out a album with no buzz behind it? He has two albums on ym and none of them went platinum, his ass should be thankful. Kanye can’t save him so he better wake up and realise what ym has done for him


    • back on my bullish*t Says:

      no he will leave young money and sign to good music after being an independent artist doesnt work for him


  5. Aye Says:

    Tyga is completely right. Look at ALL the artists in YM. How many of their albums dropped? Tyga didn’t say he wasn’t thankful for YM but he said they are now holding him back now. If you can’t agree with that at least a little bit you’re blind


    • xicano101 Says:

      Holding him back? from what dropping more strip club songs and albums that sound like the same beat and flow over and over again. His album has NO BUZZ, hookah and real deal are his singles and they are both pretty weak and 40 Mill sounds…just like any other tyga track.

      Maybe its good that they make him wait and put more time into his albums so they arent as garbage as Hotel California was. What happened to Cali Love Tyga???


  6. Hold up Says:

    @kissboi seems like chuckee left for the same reason. Honestly so much talent that YM just didn’t push or care about. It’s sad


  7. t no raw Says:

    At the end of the day tyga is no nicki or drake, they have a list of hits while tyga has one or two. Don’t get it twisted cuz I actually like some of tyga’s music but he dropped two albums on ym while the rest of the ym artists hasn’t put out any besides nicki and drake. Holding him back? They put him in the position he is today. it does seem like ymcmb plays favoritism but drake, nicki & Wayne are the bread winners so hey. This isn’t the first label to have a list full of artists to push only a few from the label. Murder Inc, roc a fella, dtp, dip set, terro squad, ruff ryders etc. It’s all good until shit stops going your way


  8. t no raw Says:

    Did chuckee ever have any radio play? Did chuckee ever have more than 25k downloads with his mixtapes? Did chuckee ever drop anything buzz worthy? Nooooooooo so what’s the sense in chuckee dropping an album, put money into it to get nothing back. Look at lil herb and bibby who blew up on their own by dropping song after song, visual after visual. Chucke just sucked, don’t blame the label. He’s been off of ym for a while now and still not making any noise


  9. back on my bullish*t Says:

    young money are starting to suck as a label
    they signing artists like chanel west coast and w3 the future like wtf is that about??
    cant they go back to how it was like in 2007 to 2010??


    • Best Says:

      Chanel West Coast is not that bad, anyway W3 The Future isn’t signed to YM anymore!


  10. these hoes ain't Laura Says:

    Tyga too busy dick riding the game and Chris Brown. These hoes ain’t loyal and wasn’t the game about to sign to cash money and tyga was on stage talking about welcome to the home team


  11. ymcmb Says:

    Look at honey cocaine she’s been on last king since the start, videos and songs with tyga, she went on tour and everything and still no album out. Tyga better hit the chill button


  12. kissboi Says:

    @holdup you said it all bro


  13. tm Says:

    Someone on here said even after the treatment tyga’s been getting he should be thankful, ’cause niether of the 2 albums he dropped went platinum. That’s probably the dumbest shit I’ve heard in months, a lot of artists albums don’t go platinum, so gtfoh with that. Let’s all stop dick riding YM and face the facts; Tyga’s the victim here, he’s a well established rapper, he’s not on the come-up (like Chuckee is) so he deserves a little bit more respect from the lable. Yes he’s not as big as drake & nicki but he’s pretty big, I believe he’s well within his rights to complain.


  14. Hold up Says:

    It seems to me that the only reason Tyga drops the songs like we’re on Hotel California is to get the attention that YM hasn’t helped him get. If you look at what he was spitting at the start of his career and now they are very different


  15. cave man Danny Says:

    @tm he/she didn’t say grateful for dropping two albums but didn’t go platinum. Be thankful meaning he got the chance to put out two albums under ym’s umbrella unlike the rest of the ym artist besides nicki and drake


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