Nicki Minaj – Bed Of Lies (Feat Skylar Grey)

November 15, 2014 by Danny M

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Nicki Minaj Bed Of Lies Feat Skylar Grey

Nicki Minaj releases a new single from her upcoming The Pinkprint album, which will be available in stores next month (December 15th).

The Kane Beatz-produced song, which is called “Bed Of Lies“, features Skylar Grey. You may remember Nicki first premiering this track at the 2014 MTV EMAs earlier this month.

You can listen to “Bed Of Lies” after the jump below and purchase it off iTunes here!

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35 Responses to “Nicki Minaj – Bed Of Lies (Feat Skylar Grey)”

  1. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    So she talking about SB yeah?

    “I told Baby hit you”


  2. gucci Says:

    nicki got one here


  3. 1 Says:

    a million times better than anaonda


  4. Beautiful nightmare Says:

    Good record. Is it a single?


  5. sp0rt Says:

    skylar’s voice >>>>


  6. Cheezy Says:

    so emotion.. nice chorus by Skylar Grey


  7. Aye Says:

    Should’ve been first single. Soooo good


  8. Sgiva Says:

    Nicki’s pink print is going to sell more copies thn CV..all her singles are succesful !! I like it!!!!!


  9. OG Pimpson Says:

    @sgiva I agree with you 100%, everything Nicki has done leading up to the release of her album has been spot on, from the promo songs to the singles to the features to the interviews & even hosting the EMA’s, her overall promo has been on point. Wayne on the other hand has been very amateurish with his approach, its wierd. Promo for a wayne project has never been so bad, I feel like wayne is oblivous to the fact that he’s not as big as he use to be, he’s not gonna sell 1million copies just because he’s “wayne” anymore like he did with C4, there’s other artists that are hotter than him right now, its dissapointing. I just hope the album won’t be as bad as the promo, man…


  10. OG Pimpson Says:



  11. Aye Says:

    @OG Pimpson
    That’s spot on. Not only has nicki been successful with her singles but they all have a different feel. Pills n Potions was soulful, Anaconda was turnt, Only was real chill and cocky, and Bed Of Lies is emotional and really hits you. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the whole album was along those lines since pills n potions and bed of lies have a similar vibe to them


  12. Griff K Says:

    Awesome article!! I made a remix, which I hope y’all enjoy! 🙂

    Listen 2 my free download @


  13. Birdman Says:

    That’s whats bracking.


  14. Best Says:

    Wow I love this. She killed it and nice chorus from Skylar Grey too


  15. Sgiva Says:

    Whts killing wayne is the yes man’s around him .. Mack , tez, euro nd twist .. How can they let him release off day as CV single??


  16. OG Pimpson Says:

    Well euro & twist have absolutely no say dawg, but anyway personally I hate the fact that everytime wayne drops a great single or makes a great decision we give him all the credit but as soon a bad decision is made we’re quick to blame Tez & Mack, personally I put it all on Wayne. CV’s about to flop, & to make matters worse Cole just announced that he’s dropping his album the same day as wayne, & that’s not gonna help CV sales. Smh.


  17. C5 Says:

    lol @make matters worse, well the only person who can make matters worse in this industry by dropping on the same day is Eminem and only because he’s got these white fags buying a mil copies first week, otherwise wayne makes matters worse for j cole. i assure you wayne aint dropping an album on 09 dec, hes dropping a mixtape trust me. he uses CarterV season to promote his artists once again.


  18. OG Pimpson Says:

    @C5 trust me dawg, it will make a difference. I’m not saying cole will outsell wayne ’cause there’s absolutely no chance that will happen, but C5 will sell less than it would have if cole wasn’t dropping on the same day, just like how Yeezus would’ve sold more if cole didn’t drop born sinner on the same day. Don’t look at it from a “wayne fan” perspective, look at it from a nuetral, more realistic perspective. Believe me, I’m as much a wayne fan as you are, maybe even more but I’m also a realist. You’d have to be ignorant to think coles album won’t have an impact on CV sales. & as for CV not dropping on 9dec, I disagree, but we’ll see…


  19. C5 Says:

    lol.., you have a point i must agree, however, i still dont see Cole having an adverse impact on Wayne’s album, Carter V is mainly for wayne’s fans if you look at how they promote the album, of which wayne fans will never opt for Cole instead of Wayne, unless they purchase both. glad to meet you partner.


  20. Trizzy Says:

    Does everything have to be about Wayne and CV???

    Y’all pathetic. Enjoy a great single and acknowledge Nicki’s great work


  21. OG Pimpson Says:

    @Trizzy if you read my first comment you’ll realise that I did actually acknowledge Nicki, had nothing but great things to say about her too, so… if you don’t want to hear about C5 just scroll past the C5 comments, simple as that really.
    @C5 kanye & cole don’t really share the same fans neither so… But I feel you homes.


  22. The Truth About C5 Says:

    Let me start off by saying that usually the ones complaining about whats good and bad about a situation, for example in this case Carter V, are the ones that never contribute to either side. Not promoting the album is actually a great strategy, other individuals like yourself do the promo by complaining about this and that: saves money and time. Secondly,by J Cole droping the same day will only cause those “real” wayne fans to actually feel competitive: resulting in actually purchasing the album instead of the typical online illegal downloading that happens. Moral of the story, do your part; if you want CV to do numbers go ahead and buy a copy don’t depend on others to do everything.
    Note: Wayne is not perfect.

    *Great Single by Nicki*


    • Tony Altrudebta Says:

      Everyone can’t understand that because they are not in a position to see how this works. This is incomprehensible logic for most.


  23. gatzby Says:

    @the truth about C5. you not being very realistic bro. “Not promoing the album is a great strategy because people complaining about the bad promo are promoing it” wtf?! Dumbes, most delusional shit I’ve seen in a minute… But hey, that’s none of my business. *shrugs*


    • The Truth About C5 Says:

      Matter of the fact promo or no promo, it will do 500k sales in a week.


  24. slickback Says:

    @Gatzby duuuuuuuuuuude!! Lmao!!!!!!!!! I’m glad someone said it before I did! Lol


  25. Aye Says:

    @The truth about C5
    That would work if wayne was more relevant currently. Look at beyonce who dropped a surprise album and did great. If wayne did that it wouldn’t work as well. And it’s not like wayne hasn’t tried to promote. He’s gotten famous athletes to promote it with #CarterVSeason but I don’t know. It’s just not really working. Doesn’t help that the album got pushed back


  26. OG Pimpson Says:

    @Aye Exactly!!! Some people just refuse to accept the fact that Wayne is not as hot as he used to be, not everyone’s checking for him like before. Just the other day I tweeted that I can’t wait for C5 & the pinkprint & a lot of people responded saying they didn’t even know C5 was coming out anytime soon but they were just as excited about TPP which goes to show that only waynes core fans are excited about C5 and waynes core fans won’t get him to platinum. He should’ve been more aggresive with his approach, that’s all I’m saying. I mean, this is the last Carter for Gods sake. I hope its all part of a plan, maybe part 2’s the main one. We’ll see.


  27. Krista Says:

    Get Drake to play the ex in the video to this song will make it soar. Especially if they share a kiss. People ship those two so bad. Just an idea.


  28. thato Says:

    Wow nicki what an incredible face of song!! Nicki know u r somewere out the reading this on ur phone I could just eat u and hug u and kiss u thank u for wat u have done for us nicki,will support u from were u were born until here I was supporting before u were in a crew of young money I supported… Im Barbs that’s was they call me plus I’m born with cap of Army!!



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