Chanel West Coast Discusses Her Career, Music, Fashion & Personal Life

December 6, 2014 by Danny M


Chanel West Coast Discusses Her Career, Music, Fashion & Personal Life

Chanel West Coast recently spoke to College News for an interview about her career, fashion, music and personal life, which you can read below.

The female rapper spoke on working on TV shows, wanting to be a rapper since she was a little girl, her favorite music artist to work with, performing on tour, her role models in music and fashion, what she enjoys doing in her free time, where she sees herself in the future, fans, and more!

CN: Are you planning on continuing to star on Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness?
CWC: Yes definitely, I plan to stay on the show for as long as I can balance doing both of them.

CN: Have you always wanted to be a rapper?
CWC: Yes, I mean since I was a little girl I have always wanted to do music first and foremost. Not necessarily rapping, rapping is something I started doing when I was like about twelve years old but um once I started rapping ever since I started that’s pretty much what I had my mind set on so yeah I have been wanting to do music my whole life basically.

CN: Who is your favorite artist to work with?
CWC: My favorite artist to work with so far, man that’s really tough to say because I have actually been blessed to work with a lot of really dope people in a short amount of time. But I would say one of the coolest people thus far is definitely Snoop. He is like one of the funniest coolest people ever and to be on a song with such a legend is like, there’s no words to describe it so he is definitely one of the coolest people to work with.

CN: What is your favorite part of performing and being on tour?
CWC: My favorite part of performing is seeing people in the crowd singing my lyrics, um that’s a really cool feeling. Actually I have been performing all my life, since I was a little girl in hip-hop dancing, drill team, cheerleading. I was in several talent shows and competitions growing up, so I’ve always loved performing and it’s a lot when you’re performing and you see people singing your lyrics as opposed to just watching you dance to a song. So that’s really the best feeling for me. Seeing people singing along to my lyrics and just really appreciating my music and just being fans. You know to see that, that’s the best most rewarding feeling.

CN: Who is your role model, or idol, in music and why?
CWC: I would say that I have two main role models as far as music goes. As far as rapping, Tupac was my biggest inspiration, that’s the artist that I listened to that really inspired me to start rapping. And as far as a female icon that I have always looked up to since I was a little girl is definitely Gwen Stefani. I think that is pretty much my biggest idol, I’ve always looked up to her since she was in No Doubt and then when she went on to being a solo artist doing kind of like more hip-hop music. I just think that she has such a unique style and theres really nobody like her and that’s one of the main reasons I idolize Gwen Stefani.

CN: Who is your fashion icon?
CWC: Fashion icon is also Gwen Stefani. I think that she’s just really different and I think that, you know no matter what she wears, it’s still her. It’s really like she’s got her own thing you know what I mean? I wanna be the same way as an artist, I want to have that style where like no matter what I wear you kind of see me and you’re like oh, that’s Chanel West Coast.

CN: Do you have any current love interests?
CWC: Love interests? Well other then music. I would say that music is my number one love interest, always. But, um, I do have a love interest in my life but I like to keep that very personal and not talk about those things. But I think people will figure out those things lurking on Instagram on their own so I will just let people figure out things on their own.

CN: What do you do beside music and working on Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness?
CWC: Man, to be completely honest, my life is music and my TV shows. For the past five years that has pretty much been my life. You know when I do get down time I like to just, you know, do stuff like kick it with my friends. I am a Cali girl, I love to go to Venice beach and go to the beach with my girls. I obviously love to shop, go to Melrose and Rodeo stuff like that. So when I do get down time I like to do stuff like that. But I would say for the most part, my life is pretty much music.

CN: Where do you see yourself in the future? 5-10 years?
CWC: In five or ten years I would really like to see myself as a successful music artist, you know, maybe at that point I got a few albums out that have done really well, won a few awards. I would also like to get into the film world. I would like to start getting into acting, eventually maybe even getting into producing because I have a lot of cool ideas for movies and stuff. So that’s another thing I would really like to get into after my music career takes off.

CN: What do you want to say to your fans and all those people who have supported you?
CWC: Oh man, I just want to tell my fans that I love them. Honestly I don’t know where I would be without my fans. It’s like if I have a bad day I go on Twitter and see a fan say something sweet to me and make nice compliments about my music or my laugh. And that can totally change your mood and cheer you up. So my fans are everything to me and I love them.

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