Shanell Talks Lil Wayne vs. Birdman Feud, Upcoming Project With Zaytoven & More

February 11, 2015 by Danny M

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Shanell Talks Lil Wayne vs Birdman Feud, Upcoming Project With Zaytoven & More

As we know, Shanell took part in a live audience interview at the Collective Studios in Detroit, Michigan on February 7th. The event was titled “Truth Untold: Nobody’s Bitch“.

Taylor Bembery from SooDetroit magazine attended the event and wrote about some of the subjects which SnL spoke on, such as where “Nobody’s Bitch” came from, being patient for her debut album, the feud between Lil Wayne and Birdman, and more.

Shanell also revealed during her interview that the collaboration project she is currently working on with producer Zaytoven will be released in March, as well as feature Young Thug and T-Pain!

Her Nobody’s Bitch campaign:
“Whatever field you’re in, you want to be respected and do what you love and be appreciated for it. So that’s where Nobody’s Bitch came from. I think it’s a universal statement.”

Not having an album out yet:
“I don’t know why my album hasn’t been released yet. I have music upon music but I guess right now as long as my fans have something that they can play and say that I gave them; that matters. The album will come when it comes.”

The recent controversy between Lil Wayne and Birdman:
“Young Money is Wayne’s idea and his label. Cash Money is Baby’s label. Wayne has been signed to Cash Money with everybody else signed to Cash Money through Young Money. Wayne is just at a point where he wants to do his own thing. He wants to be in charge of his own thing. Anybody who has worked underneath someone, you learn enough that you now want to become the boss. So that’s what’s going on.”

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7 Responses to “Shanell Talks Lil Wayne vs. Birdman Feud, Upcoming Project With Zaytoven & More”

  1. Biscuit Says:

    It is shocking how birdman would not let shanell drop an album, I bet she can’t wait for Wayne to walk away from cash money.


  2. Aye Says:

    S/o shanell. Girl is patient and starting to make moves


  3. Tunechi Says:

    That guy that’s gone be in court next to me, Birdman.. “In the real world, that guy.. he can’t save you”. You wanna know what that means ? I was talking to myself.


  4. Murda Edition Says:

    Why you guys fighting if you guys got the same goals? and birdman be more successful instead causing issues with your team now you gotta resolve these issues you got in your hands.. don’t be ignorant and run away from your problems
    I have a goal is to be a successful rapper if no one wants to give me a lift and give me constructive advice to get where you guys are at.. I’m bound to do alone and I will eventually get there one way or another I have faith on what I love and I love making music and I come long ways and I’m not stopping now


  5. rickie Says:

    we got ya tunechi


  6. Best Says:

    Young Money is going to be the best label once Wayne leaves Cash Money


  7. jennifer Whitfield and Tony Jones (Minnesota) Says:

    Shanell I enjoyed meeting you with my fiance on what we call our honeymoon at our nephews studio in Detroit. This made my memory a great one. You are a great woman thank you for having us and putting up with us lol. Contact me if you Wii come to Minnesota Sanford center even if not peace and much love!


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