Jas Prince Discusses Introducing Drake To Lil Wayne & Young Money [Video]

March 14, 2015 by Danny M


Jas Prince Discusses Introducing Drake To Lil Wayne & Young Money

Here is a preview from the upcoming “Drake: Homecoming” movie that will be released in theaters on March 19th. In the clip, which you can watch below, Jas Prince can be seen telling the story of how Drake got signed to Young Money.

Jas explains he was on tour with Young Mula at the time and told them that he was looking at an artist (this was Drake), but the label said they were not looking for any new artists. He also said that when he played Lil Wayne the music from Drizzy, the YM CEO had said it sucked and not to play it him no more because “it’s not good”.

Then a few days later when Weezy had a concert in Houston, Prince had him in his car and played some more Drizzy Drake music. This time around Wayne was feeling the music and ended up calling up Drake, who was in the barbers at the time, and got him a flight from Toronto to Houston.

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9 Responses to “Jas Prince Discusses Introducing Drake To Lil Wayne & Young Money [Video]”

  1. Biscuit Says:

    He just mad Wayne took Tina from him.


  2. African Tunechi Says:

    Wayne made Drake a young legend.


  3. 100b Says:

    the moment WAYNE made drake his bitch.


  4. the 100 Says:

    His bitch? Drake held ym down while Wayne was locked up and even till this day


  5. WEEZY the G. O. A. T. Says:

    Without WAYNE Drake would be working at mcdonalds right now

    Weezy the KING


  6. Best Says:

    Wayne built up Drake and Nicki, they are great artists today thanks to him


  7. og_pimpson Says:

    If it wasn’t Wayne and ym Drake & nicki wouldn’t be where they are today, even if they got signed by someone else they wouldn’t have been given the same platform, no doubt, but also if it wasn’t for drake & nicki YM would not be a force AT ALL in the game right now, ’cause Wayne is not big enough at the moment to hold a whole team down, even us wayne fans have to admit that (even though I know some of ya’ll won’t, cause yall are just built that way) I just hope drake and nicki stay loyal to wayne man….


  8. the 100 Says:

    Co sign at @og_pimpson


  9. C5 Says:

    Lol.., you quite right if you look at it that way, but you must remember wayne would have not stopped calling himself the best rapper alive, drake and nicki were the reason he stopped. he said that at one of the interviews that if he called himself the best then what does it mean to his artists and fans? so he would have strived to stay at his best forever. so keep your mind open if you say something about wayne coz we real fans know better


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