Tink Speaks On How Nicki Minaj Inspired Her To Start Rapping

May 7, 2015 by Danny M


Tink Speaks On How Nicki Minaj Inspired Her To Start Rapping

Tink recently chopped it up with NYMag for an interview and one of the subjects that they talked about was how Nicki Minaj inspired her to start rapping.

The Chicago artist explained that the Young Money Barbie has been the only female rapper in the music industry for a long time that has had any buzz and been able to put out mixtapes.

Carrying on, Tink also mentioned that Nicki was also holding her own on songs with dudes, which meant that both males and females were playing her music. You can read what she said below!

You’ve said that Nicki Minaj was a big inspiration when you first started rapping. What was it about her that connected with you?
I think it was the simple fact that we didn’t have any females at the time! When Nicki was putting out mixtapes, she was the only female rapper that had any kind of buzz. And not to mention that she was on the track with the guys, you know? So you had the girls playing it, and you had the hood guys playing it, too, so you couldn’t run away from Nicki. She was everywhere. And it was inspiring. I’ll be honest with you, before I heard Nicki rapping, I probably wouldn’t have thought to rap myself. Just to see a female doing it and being in there with the guys, it was motivation.

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