Legacy – Horror Nights (Feat Lil Twist)

November 2, 2015 by Danny M

New Music

Legacy Horror Nights Feat Lil Twist

For Halloween on Saturday, Legacy released a brand new song called “Horror Nights” featuring Lil Twist, which Legacy also produced.

“Stunna ain’t around, so it’s only right I stunt more, Young Money forever”

You can listen to “Horror Nights” after the jump below!

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One Response to “Legacy – Horror Nights (Feat Lil Twist)”

  1. Top351Trax Says:

    *Top – 351 All-Time*

    1. No Quitter
    2. I’m Me
    3. Do It Again
    4. Crazy (Da Drought 3)
    5. Get Over (C2)
    6. When They Come For Me
    7. 30 Minutes To New Orleans
    8. BM Jr.
    9. Told Yall
    10. Go DJ
    11. PMW
    12. Scarface
    13. 3 Peat
    14. Kobe Bryant
    15. Carter II (track #13 on C2)
    16. Pray to The Lord
    17. Fly In
    18. I’m A Beast
    19. I Feel Like Dying
    20. American Dream
    21. Amen (Cry Out) (LWA V.1)
    22. I Miss My Dawgs
    23. We Takin’ Over (My Daddy) (DD3)
    24. Dear Lord
    25. Blowing Up Fast (suffix)
    26. Feel Me (C2)
    27. What He Does ft. Nikki
    28. Playing With Fire ft. Betty Wright
    29. Back On My Grizzy (DD3)
    30. Spit In Your Face ft. Kevin Rudolf
    31. Tie My Hands ft. Robin Thicke
    32. David Banner (LWA V.1)
    33. New Orleans (suffix)
    34. A Milli
    35. Upgrade U (DD3)
    Mr. Carter
    Sky Is The Limit (DD3)
    Donks (100 Winters) (LWA V.1)
    Shoot Me Down (C3)
    40- Madden ’08 (Put Me In The Game)
    That Ain’t Me (IANAHB)
    Ask Dem Hoes
    Whip It (C3)
    Check One, Two (DD2)
    45- Don’t Kill (D5)
    Demolition part. 1
    Wasted (NC)
    I’m Raw
    Blooded (DD3)
    50- Get ’em (D2)
    Let The Beat Build
    Bill Gates
    Best Thing Yet
    Million Dollar Baby
    Famous (LWA V.1)
    6′ 7′
    Ice Cream (NC)
    Ransom ft. Drake
    London Roads (FWA)
    60- Yes ft. Pharrell
    Money In Da Bank (suffix)
    Pure Colombia (D5)
    Seat Down Low (DD3)
    Fly Out (C2)
    Get High Screw The World (DD3)
    Trouble (C3 sessions – little over 4 min long)
    Street Chain (FWA)
    Watch My Shoes (NC)
    70- Nightmares of The Bottom
    She Will ft. Drake
    Alphabet Bitches (W. Carter Collection 2)
    Hard Body (DD3)
    Let’s Talk It Over
    Without You (FWA)
    Reciept (C2)
    D.O.A. (NC) (underrated)
    Lollipop (remix)
    Stuntin ft. Drake (D3)
    80- Hustlin’ (D2)
    Banned From TV (NC)
    Workin ‘Em (D2)
    Sure Thing (S4TW)
    Comfortable (C3)
    Turn On The Lights (remix)
    Brand New (extended version)
    Swizzy (DD3)
    Down and Out (D1)
    Public Anouncement (prefix)
    90- Ignant Shit ft. Drake
    Still Got That Rock (D5)
    Original Silence
    Paradice (rebirth)
    Dats My Nigga ft. Kidd Kidd
    Walk It Out (DD3)
    Moment (C5 sessions)
    YM Hospital
    Something You Forgot
    Staring At The World
    100- He’s Dead
    Nah This Aint the Remix (D1)
    Motherfuckin’ Menace (suffix)
    Best Rapper Alive (C2)
    One Way Trip ft. Kevin Rudolf
    Shooter ft. Robin thicke (C2)
    La La La
    Me and My Drank
    110- Tha Mobb (C2)
    Trigger Finger
    Run this Town (NC)
    One Night Only
    Hot Revovler (original version-not ianahb2 version)
    Pussy Monster (C3)
    Weezys Ambitions (D2)
    Cashed Out (D4)
    Fireman (C2)
    Stelettos (D1)
    120- I Took Her
    Love Me ft. Drake
    Megaman (C4)
    Wish You Would (D4)
    Blunt Blowin’ (C4)
    President Carter (C4)
    Red Rum ft. Dre
    I Feel Good (FWA)
    Burn (D4)
    Sorry for The Wait (S4TW)
    130- Baseball Sex (extended version)
    No Worries
    Sportscenter (D2)
    Racks (S4TW)
    Thinking Bout You (FWA)
    Hustler Musik (C2)
    Live From the 504 (DD3)
    My Girl (Carter #2, LFLS – tape)
    Action (Lights, Camera, Action) (C3)
    140- I Like Dat (All Alone) (LWA V.1)
    Be Me
    Tunechis Back
    Lollipop (C3)
    Dont Want You to See Me Cry (Dont Cry)
    Dr. Carter (C3)
    In The Booth (DD2)
    When I Land (Carter Files)
    I’m Goin’ In (solo)
    150- Put Some Keys On That
    Dreams & Nightmares (S4TW2)
    I Ain’t Nervous (original – not ‘Curtains’)
    Fix My Hat
    Phone Home (C3)
    Money On My Mind (C2)
    Green and Yellow (remix – early 2011)
    Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (LFLS)
    Swag Surfin’ (NC)
    1 Arm ft. Juelz (extended version)
    160- I Am Not A Human Being (underrated) (IANAHB)
    Gunwalk (IANAHB2)
    California Love
    We Be Steady Mobbin’
    Back To You
    Wetter/Wayne On Me (NC)
    Oh No (C2)
    What’s Wrong With Them ft. Nicki Minaj
    Everything Will Be Fine (DD2)
    170- I’m Ridin’ (LFLS)
    Eat You Alive ft. Shanell
    Right Above It ft. Drake
    Up Up and Away (C4)
    Prostitute (Prostitute Flange)
    Hit Em Up (C2)
    Bitch Get Off Me (extended version- 7:03)
    Ay Man ft. Pharrell
    Always Strapped ft. Juelz (original version)
    With You (IANAHB)
    180- Dough Is What I Got (DD3)
    Pick Up Your Heart (FWA)
    I Got No Ceilings
    Do What You Do (W. Carter)
    Fingers Hurting
    Wayne’s Takeover 2
    Time To Give Me Mine
    Got Some Money on Me
    King Kong (DD3)
    190- Oh Lets Do It (NC)
    You Guessed It (S4TW2)
    Shit Stains
    Krazy (CV Sessions)
    Dipset 2
    Hold Up
    Di*k Pleaser (D3)
    Moment of Clarity
    Pull Up (FWA)
    200- Kiss Me Baby (Im The Shit)
    Love Me Or Hate Me (The Leak EP)
    We In The Scene (SQ1)
    Leather So Soft (LFLS)
    I’m Gangsta (Carter Files) (he says he is only 19)
    I’m Good ft. Meek Mill
    Get Out (DD2)
    Promise (DD3)
    Dipset (DD3)
    Rollin’ (S4TW)
    210- So Dedicated (D4)
    Hot Nigga (S4TW2)
    Cash Money (W. Carter)
    Ready For The World (Extended – 3 Verses)
    Days & Days ft. 2 Chainz
    You’re Gunna Love Me (D1)
    Living Right (FWA)
    Gonorrhea ft. Drake
    Psycho (FWA)
    Hood Rich (W. Carter)
    220- My Heart Races On (FWA)
    Get Smoked (D4)
    Weezy Baby (C2)
    Need Some Quiet Time (Quiet Time)
    On Fire
    So Special (C4)
    Thinking To Myself (original)
    Bitch Please
    No Type (S4TW2)
    They Still Like Me (D2)
    230- Cash Money Millionaires (C1)
    Thank You ft. Jae Millz
    Cream ft. Euro
    Gimme Dat (not miss-spelled) (W. Carter 2)
    Burn This City
    Coco (S4TW2)
    You Ain’t Got Nuthin On Me (C3)
    Some Say (snippet..?)
    Throw It In The Bag (NC)
    Gucci Gucci (S4TW)
    240- Only Way (C1)
    When You See Me (BM Jr 2) (W. Carter)
    Ryder/I’m A Ryder (unofficial mixtape- DDIO4)
    Mr. Postman
    Gorilla (unofficial mixtape – DDIO6)
    Money or Graveyard ft. Gudda Gudda
    Weezy F Baby (suffix)
    I Don’t Like (D4)
    Fuck A Nigga Thoughts ft. Kidd kidd
    President ft. Curren$y (DD3)
    250- Georgia… Bush (D2)
    Feeling Myself (W. Carter 2)
    Get Bizzy (D3)
    I’m a D-Boy (C2)
    I’m From The South/Southside
    Devastation (D5)
    Lock & Load (C2)
    Army Gunz (LFLS)
    Off The Docks (LWA V.1)
    260- Long Time Coming (Carter #2, LFLS – mixtape)
    Boom (DD3)
    Where You At (500)
    Trap House (S4TW2)
    Lisa Marie
    This Is Why Im Hot/ Intro (DD3)
    The Leak ft. Twist
    Look Out ft. Shanell (Make It)
    270- Selsun Blue
    No Lie (D4)
    Alphabet (S4TW2)
    Fresh’s Blessing (Boom Bap)
    Yeah Baby
    Drop The World (his 2nd verse is only :27 seconds)
    Breaktime ft. Tyga
    I’m That Nigga (FWA)
    Round Here (prefix)
    Murder Murder, Steel Steel (not miss-spelled) (SQ5)
    280- Renegade (SQ4)
    No Ceilings ft. Birdman
    Kush (The Leak EP)
    Same Damn Time (D4)
    M.O.B. (Carter #2, LFLS – tape)
    Ain’t Got Time (Talk Like A Hustla) (W. Carter)
    Get Down (C1)
    Post Bail Ballin (FWA)
    Guys Like Us ft. Juelz
    290- Forever (DD3)
    Never Get It
    Try Me (S4TW2)
    Snitch (C1)
    Admit It (S4TW2)
    Bloodline (500)
    Hoes Sing (Carter Files)
    ’93 ’94 Baby (suffix)
    On My Own (C1)
    300- White Girl (FWA)
    Hands Up (S4TW)
    Time For Us To Fuck
    No Haters (S4TW2)
    Novacane (C4)
    Talkin’ About It (The Leak EP)
    Amen (S4TW)
    Started (D5)
    No Motive
    I Like The View (C4)
    310- Ridin With A Body (W. Carter)
    Grown Man (C2)
    Addictive (SQ4)
    Fuck Me In The Mosh Pit
    We Back Soon (full – 4:39 – not original version)
    Killa Cam (Young Money the Mixtape V.1)
    Hello World (Troublemaker)
    IANAHB (IANAHB2 Intro)
    Get ‘Em Off Me (suffix)
    Diamonds and Girls ft. Curren$y
    320- In The Morning (extened version-over 5:00)
    Dedication 2 (Bang Bang) (track #12 on D2)
    Mrs. Officer (C3)
    I Got It (W. Carter 2)
    Typa Way (D5)
    Magic (D3)
    Demolition part 2
    South Muzik (D2)
    Spitter (D2)
    We Don’t (C1)
    330- Suffix (Dear Summer) (suffix)
    Make You Mine (prefix)
    You Da Shit
    Dedication (track #1 on D1)
    N.O. Nigga (DD3)
    Hot Boy (2015) (solo)
    By Myself ft. Juelz
    Beat The Shit (IANAHB2)
    Hoes (C1)
    340- Romance
    Preach (S4TW2)
    Mr. Biggs (YM the Mixtape V.1)
    Walk It Off (C2 sessions, not D2)
    Throwed Off (S4TW)
    Never Split (SQ5)
    Pour Up (2015)
    Dat Boy Weezy (Da Drought)
    This Is The Carter (C1)
    Got Me a Model (SQ3)
    350- Earthquake
    Street Life


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