Boi-1da Discusses Working With Drake & Producing On His “Views From The 6” Album

January 18, 2016 by Danny M


Boi-1da Speaks On Working With Drake & His Views From The 6 Album

Boi-1da recently chopped it up with Noisey for an interview about working with Drake, the upcoming Views From The 6 album, and plenty more.

The producer also discussed his work on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, why he loves to work with Drizzy, and reveals his favorite beats.

You can read the parts about Drizzy Drake from Boi-1da and Noisey‘s conversation after the jump below!

Noisey: You’ve accomplished a lot in the last year, but I think it’s best if we start with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late which you produced a majority of. What did you and Drake have in mind when you started working on it?
Boi-1da: Me and Drake always work on stuff, but this time around I really wanted to get more involved. We were together hand in hand for most of it. I was on tour with them, the Drake and Lil Wayne tour. Then I just ended up getting more and more involved and ended up doing eight songs on the album. It was a great experience, great album.

What are some of the things that you’ve did for that album that you’re applying to Views from the 6?
Just bringing that same energy that I always bring. Those moments that everyone loves. The huge 100 bar “6PM in Toronto” moments, “Energy,” “10 Bands,” “Up All Night.” Those are the moments that I always come with and that’s basically what I’m trying to bring to the table.

You don’t have a signature sound, but I think it’s fair to say when you and Drake work together the sounds are very sparse and cold at times—especially with IYRTITL—but still have those punchy drums that land on the ears immediately. What are the production changes you’re going to introduce with Views?
You know, just a new swing of things. Just thinking outside the box with my production. Trying to bring something interesting. I feel a lot of people in rap music are doing the same stuff, so with my production right now, I’m just basically trying to do something a little outside the box and to take it back to where I came from originally.

What excites you as a producer?
Great music. I’m a hip-hop head, it comes first for me. I love rap. I love music in general, but rap is my thing. and that’s what excites me really, that’s why I love working with Drake. He does everything across the board, but he’s also a rapper’s rapper. People always forget and he kindly reminds people. I’m just a huge fan of rap.

Have you ever just made something and thought to yourself “Damn, I made something really good”?
I’d probably say that my favourite beats or favourite moments were probably “Over” or “Pound Cake.” Just cause when I heard the finished product for [“Over”] I was just like, it was just “yeah this is really special.” Especially for “Pound Cake”, there wasn’t much to the beat; just a sample cut, some Rhodes, a kick and snare. But there was something about it that was angelic almost. I really enjoyed making those two beats. All my beats are my favourites, it’s like asking if you have a favourite kid. But those two are probably my favourite.

Was there anything that you produced last year that really stood out?
Last year, maybe “10 Bands” because it had a different kind of bounce to it. I was trying something new and it worked out. Drake heard it and he liked it. Also “Blacker the Berry” by Kendrick Lamar as well. That was really a strong beat that I knew somebody who really rapped needed to jump on. That was a great one.

What are you looking to get done for the rest of the year?
I’m definitely looking forward to everybody hearing Views from the 6. Can’t really say anything about it but just be on the lookout. A lot of great music and a lot of cool stuff that I’m involved with that’s coming out this year.

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