An Update On Flow In Jail, Find Out How To Write Him A Letter

July 26, 2016 by Danny M

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An Update On Flow In Jail, Find Out How To Write Him A Letter

As we know, Flow is currently locked up in a Louisiana jail for attempted murder, but a member of his team took to his Instagram page today to share an update on the Esho Hero.

The picture above, which shows Flow (with short hair) and Bonka inside the prison, was uploaded along with a message saying:

“If any of my fans, friends, or just anyone that fuck with me have been trying to get in contact with me you can write me at:

Widner Degruy
9450 Hwy 65 South
Lake Providence, Louisiana

So if any of you Esho Hero fans want to write a letter to him while he is currently serving time behind bars, you can do so to the address above!

A photo posted by Flow (@mr_brazyflow) on

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14 Responses to “An Update On Flow In Jail, Find Out How To Write Him A Letter”

  1. Ku$h Says:

    They made him cut his hair damn


  2. geni frank Says:

    young money


  3. Best Says:

    Free my nigga Flow


  4. grimrgm40 Says:

    I thought he was out tf


  5. Derrick Moss Jr. Says:

    These new niggas inna rap game garbage nigga need you back onna €|S


  6. Micah fucking veli Says:

    Geesus!! As soon as flow out, I gotta get a feature,
    Any other rapper out right now aint saying shit,
    Real nigga talk I’d bail a MF if I was up. And thas on my last blunt


  7. DaDopest1uKnow Says:

    Is flow still currently locked up? An damn how short his hair now?


  8. B.p Says:

    Flow I can’t wait for u to get out you remind me so much of lil Wayne u sound like him to when yall Ade that song off day that was a good collaboration please let my son out of jail please free u man


  9. David Coleman Says:

    Free you flow you the Goat I still bump your music 24/7 you my favorite rapper keep your head up God for you you will be out soon keep praying 💯💪🏾🙏🏽


  10. BestFidel Says:

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  11. Dsauce Says:

    Me & flow got our charges dropped in chalmette la on the same day. We was both in that bitch all day bc they kept on calling the witness & they were drove bc none of the witnesses would come to testify against us… I told flow if you dobt see the witness we gucci & from there we became cool & invited me to his show in june 2013 or 14 cant really remember but yea to tha yea. Oh him & boogeyman was in that bitch & he was wearing a phillies baseball jersey & the cops in the court room was hating us hard…lol & I got him to autograph my court paperwork. Fiyah



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