Christina Milian Talks Social Media, Launching A Facebook Chatbot, Acting & More With Forbes

October 12, 2016 by Danny M


Christina Milian Talks Social Media, Launching A Facebook Chatbot, Acting & More With Forbes

Christina Milian recently chopped it up with Dan Schawbel for an interview with Forbes after she had teamed up with Josh Bocanegra from Persona Technologies to launch her chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

The YM singer and songwriter chatted about how she has used social media to connect to her audience, how she became interested in Chatbots, how she thinks launching a Facebook bot will help her brand, acting, managing being a mother and her career, and shares some career advice.

You can read Tina Turn Up‘s full interview with Forbes after the jump below!

Dan Schawbel: How have you used social media in order to connect with your audience and what impact do you think that relationship has had in selling more albums and concert tickets?
Christina Milian: Social media has allowed fans and celebrities to really engage and have an organic interaction with each other. Ever since I’ve had the opportunity to use social media, all the way back to the days of chat rooms, I found I was able to really understand what the fans wanted, communicate with them and share my lifestyle. When it comes to brands and having the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, social media has really become a great outlet for people to become their own boss. I was able to release a four song EP independently with the help of social media. Without it, I definitely would be in a tight situation when it comes to record labels and what not. But social media really is a driving force when it comes to even employment within the entertainment industry these days.

Schawbel: What made you interested in Chatbots in the first place and how do you think launching a bot on Facebook will help build your following and brand?
Milian: Well Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion users and now people are using it as a main source of communication rather than telephones numbers. I think chatbots are the future of engagement between a fan and a brand or celebrity. I feel like now I can truly engage with my fans and not have to rely on just one post that has to be timed at the right part of the day etc. With my bot, anytime is the right part of the day because it’s up to the fan to send the message and from there on out, they’re instantly communicating with me and my bot. It’s better than commenting on a post where there are thousands of other people commenting and you’re just hoping that that celebrity sees your post and answers you back. For me, using a bot is a very friendly way of communicating in your own voice around the clock and nobody has to wait. Everything is right there and everything is just a click away. The fans want more and I’m more than happy to make them more a part of my world without limitations or algorithms or the cost to pay for more eyes to see your posts. I’m really happy with what I’m doing with Josh Bocanegra and I’m excited to see what the future will bring for bots.

Schawbel: Your original dream was to become an actress. Are you still pursuing this dream? What does it take to break into Hollywood, even when you’re already famous from being a musician?
Milian: Yes, I’m still pursuing acting and I love it. I was just on a TV show for 22 episodes on Fox with John Stamos on a show call Grandfathered and I definitely got the bug. I love acting, I love playing a character in a film or television show and I love the challenge. I am in the new movie Rocky Horror Picture Show airing on Fox October 20. I’m on the pursuit continue acting as well as continuing with my music. It takes hard work but I’m ready for it and I love it. I can’t wait to produce my own films and TV shows in the future. I’ve always loved Jennifer Lopez and I think as an entertainer she is a great example of a strong woman that is also very levelheaded and cool and produces her own content. I look forward to doing that.

Schawbel: How do you manage being a mother, while pursuing your career? What are the tradeoffs and how do you best manage your time?
Milian: I love being a mom all the while working as hard as I do. Being a mother is my inspiration and I feel like I’m setting a great example to my daughter by showing her that hard work pays off and to never give up. My mom and my dad were Cuban and their family came all the way from Cuba to America to make a difference for our lives and I will continue to do the same for the generations after me. The trade-off is in your mind, you’re constantly thinking how can I be better as a mom, how can I be better in my career so that I’m so good that I can work less and provide by thinking smart. I want to work smarter so that I could spend more time with my daughter. If I could, I would bring her everywhere with me but she’s six years old so it’s important for her to stay focused on school since she’s so young. She’s so much fun and she keeps me young

Schawbel: What are your top three pieces of career advice?

1. Never stop when you plant a seed you have to water it, you want it to grow, it takes time to be patient.

2. If you have someone to look up to, it’s easier to model your career after their drive and the route and path of which they have created. Don’t be afraid to study others and walk in their footsteps.

3. Love what you do. If you don’t honestly how can you truly evolve, how can you be happy? Even if it’s just taking small baby steps outside of something that’s providing for your family. The little baby step sometimes can lead to the ultimate success. Never count anything as a mistake—all mistakes are a truly lessons.

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