Birdman & Slim Talk First Meeting Nicki Minaj & Drake, Nicki Working On A New Album & More

May 10, 2017 by Danny M


Birdman & Slim Talk First Meeting Nicki Minaj & Drake, Nicki Working On A New Album & More

In a recent interview with Billboard, Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams chatted about Young Money artists Nicki Minaj and Drake.

The Cash Money Records founders recalled first meeting Nicki and Drizzy, how they compare to previous artists they’ve had on the roster, Minaj‘s beef with Remy Ma, and confirmed the Barbie is working on a new album.

Hit the jump to see what Baby and Slim said in their interview. You can also read what they had to say about Lil Wayne and Tha Carter V here!

Young Money was the way Nicki and Drake came into the fold. Do you remember when you first met both of them?
Slim: I went to some of the concerts to see what’s going on, so when we got to marketing and coming up with a plan and a strategy I knew what to do. Me and my brother would discuss it, sitting down and talking about this and that and what we needed to do to make it happen, to make them bigger.

Birdman: Wayne brought Nicki to me in L.A., right after we sold 1 million copies of Tha Carter III [in its first week]. He came to my room: “Stunna you gotta hear this, you gotta see this.” He showed me a DVD, he like: “I gotta have her, I’m flyin’ her in tomorrow.” I saw the DVD and I knew she was a star, he felt she was a star, we felt she was a star, off top. And Drake came, just super talented; I told him the first day I met him and heard his music, “You a legend, man.” He was like, “For real Stunna?” “Man, you a fuckin’ legend.” And he turned out to be a fuckin’ legend.

Both Nicki and Drake, especially compared to Cash Money’s early history, are very different artists than you’ve usually had on the roster. Did that force you guys to evolve or take a different approach?
Birdman: Nah. They’re different artists because they came at a different time. Hip-hop used to be just raw rap, now you don’t know if a nigga singing or rapping. It’s just like any fashion — you gotta be able to change and know how to change. Drake and Nicki was just very creative, and they was able to change. Both of them changed the game, definitely. Wayne used to do the same sh-t, but he really raw rap. But somebody like Drake, sometimes he do both singing and rapping; same thing with Nicki. The game has changed.

Nicki’s been in the news a lot lately. What did you make of the back and forth beef between her and Remy Ma?
Birdman: I don’t make nothin’ of that. I don’t get caught up into that. Nicki’s my little sister and that’s the reality, we love her and we do great business together, and hands down she’s the best in the game. No female ever did what she did as far as hip-hop, and I don’t see no one in sight who has accomplished what she has accomplished. She’s the most talented female to me, in my personal taste, ever in hip-hop history.

What else does Nicki have coming up?
Birdman: She’s working on the album. Working on the album a lot. She records a lot. You gotta just let her be her. You gotta let an artist paint their own picture and do their own thing. I never been the type of man and CEO to get in the way of the creativity of what they want to do.

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