Dave East Announces He Is Working On A Few Rap Songs With Drake

August 18, 2017 by Danny M


Dave East Announces He Is Working On A Few Rap Songs With Drake

Dave East recently sat down with Billboard for an interview to promote his new EP and to announce he is working on “a few records” with Drake.

During his conversation, East also spoke on how he maintained his focus after going from hanging around the projects to hanging around Drizzy Drake, Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian, as well as how he first met Drizzy.

You can read exactly what Dave said after the jump below. He was sure to mention that his songs with the 6 God will be hard rapping records too!

You went from the projects to hanging out with Drake and Nicki Minaj to being spotted with Christina Milian every other day. How have you maintained your focus and remained level-headed despite your star power growing?
I don’t forget nothing. Honestly, all this shit be cool. It be more of a like, ‘I told niggas that I was going to do this shit.’ I felt like I was telling y’all in the hood what it was gonna be. So for it to happen, it was one of those I told you so moments, but I don’t care about none of that shit, man. At the end of the day, I care that my people are going to be set for life.

I’m trying to set up certain situations where me and my closest are good because this shit come and go. There’s people that were super hot last summer and you’re all around those same people and you don’t hear about them no more. I don’t want to be one of those people. I need to be around and now that I’m being accepted and being liked, saluted and respected by the top people in the game, the only way to go is up.

What was your favorite 16 off Paranoia?
Probably on the outro “Have you Ever.” The second verse. It brought me back to a certain time period when I hid my pistol in my socks draw. [Begins rapping] “I hid the pistol in my sock draw/ We had the hard and you could cop soft/ For some reason I don’t feel nothing when they knock a cop off/ You ain’t the only getting money, I got these dropoffs.’

It was me when I was 18. It brought me back to me remembering having my gun in my socks draw and my mother doing my laundry, finding the shit. I could remember vividly certain sh-t that had happened. The second verse on the outro sum all that up. It really brought me back to that point in my life. I was dreaming about this shit and all these artists that I was working with and fucking with now, they were artists then. They were who they were when I was a nobody in the projects.

Me and Drake working on a record right now; a few records. I could just remember talking about that shit. Now it’s a reality.

How did you and Drake link up?
Through Karen Civil. Shout out to Karen. I was in a soccer game in Miami, El Classico. He was the coach. It was him and Draymond Green. Draymond was the other coach, [Drake] was my coach. It was one of them things where it was like I’ve been a fan of what he’s doing. He’s all the way in tune [with me]. I used to see him liking videos. Anytime I’d be rapping — not pics — he’d like the videos and shit like that. So I knew he was familiar with me. We just never met or never crossed [paths].

We were on the soccer fields. We got to kick it then and I just was like, ‘Yo. We need to get it in my nigga. We need some rap shit. I know you could spit.’ He was like, ‘Pssh. I was thinking the same thing.’ We were able to vibe out for the weekend in Miami. We had a few private events. I went and kicked it with him and we just been chopping it up every other day.

He a good dude. He a fan of what I’m doing. So I gotta take that and capitalize off what I’m doing. I’ve been a fan of what he’s doing. So I think it would be dope to hear that mix. So many people are used to hearing me with the street shit. I feel like it’s gonna create a challenge for both of us because I can’t sing, but I can spit.

Are we gonna get a “Find Your Love” Drake or a “6 A.M. in Dallas” Drake?
Nah. He gon’ rap. He gon’ rap. It’s hard. The record is hard already. He got it. He got the record already. It’s hard.

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