Stephanie Acevedo

Stephanie Acevedo

Stephanie Janet Acevedo, simply known as Stephanie Acevedo, is a singer and glamour model that was born on October 11th, 1987. Even though she was born in Miami, Florida, Stephanie is half-Cuban and half-Puerto Rican. She officially signed to Young Money Entertainment in 2015 after knowing Lil Wayne and Mack Maine personally for a few years prior.

Before she became a Young Mula music artist, Stephanie Acevedo has also graduated from Miami Dade College as a medical student, been featured on magazine covers, done work on Telemundo, and even had a job as a ring-girl in the Championship Fighting Alliance MMA league. Stephanie, who has soul singer Betty Wright as her vocal coach, is currently working on her debut project to drop on YM.

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Stephanie Acevedo Body On Me Cover Music Video

Body On Me (Rita Ora & Chris Brown Cover)
Stephanie Acevedo

Stephanie Acevedo Bleeding Love Cover Music Video

Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover)
Stephanie Acevedo

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