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Christina Milian Speaks On Watching Sports With Lil Wayne, Her Clothing Line & More

July 31, 2015 by Danny M


Christina Milian Speaks On Watching Sports With Lil Wayne, Her Clothing Line & More

Dave Osokow from Campus Sports recently sat down with Christina Milian at her brand new store, We Are Pop Culture, on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California for a new episode of their “Timeout” series.

Christina spoke all about her We Are Pop Culture clothing brand, playing sports growing up, working out, Lil Wayne‘s favorite sports teams, both of them watching sport games together all the time, who her favorite athlete is, what her favorite movie of all time is, which music artist she would listen to if she could only choose one, if she would rather travel or sleep during a week off work, what her favorite number is, and gives advice to college kids.

You can watch the full interview after the jump below!


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Drake Chats To Ryan Seacrest About Working With Beyonce, His Fear In Life & More

September 24, 2013 by Danny M


Drake Interview With Ryan Seacrest

After performing live at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival, Drake sat down with Ryan Seacrest to discuss his Nothing Was The Same album.

Drizzy talks about his “Hold On, We’re Going Home” single, how his “Started From The Bottom” track came together, Michael Jackson being an inspiration to him, looking up to Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, and John McClain as mentors, his relationship with his mother, confirms he has done some work on Beyonce’s forthcoming album, his biggest fear in life, family, what he would study if he went to college, his upcoming “Would You Like A Tour?”, and more.

You can watch Ryan and Drizzy Drake‘s full interview after the jump below!


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Lil Chuckee Visits Northeast High School In Georgia To Speak With The Students [Video]

October 7, 2012 by Danny M


On September 24th, Lil Chuckee paid a visit to Northeast High School in Macon, Georgia to speak to the youth and answer any questions they had for him. In the 10 minute clip above, Chuckee can be seen giving a speech to motivate the students about how young he is and how much he has already accomplished in his life.

The students also interviewed Lil Chuckee during the session and some of the questions they asked him were: How much money does he make in a year, how does he balance being on the road and his school work, what advice does he have for an upcoming artist, if he plans on attending college, what motivates him to keep working every day, if he has any other hobbies than rapping, what would he be doing if he wasn’t a rapper, and more! Check out Chuckee‘s answers to all of those questions in the video above.

Shouts to HHE

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PJ Morton Talks About Winning A GRAMMY Award In College, “Lover” With Lil Wayne & More

April 20, 2012 by Danny M


PJ Morton Talks About Winning A GRAMMY Award In College, Lover With Lil Wayne & More

Jason recently chopped it up with one of Young Money’s latest signings, PJ Morton. They talked about PJ‘s childhood, his father Paul S. Morton, Stevie Wonder, songwriting for other music artists, school, winning a GRAMMY award while still in college, Erykah Badu, becoming part of Maroon 5, his Following My First Mind” EP, how the collaboration with Lil Wayne for “Lover” came about, playing instruments, and plenty more. PJ Morton also said his next official single will be “Lover” featuring his new boss Weezy and they will be shooting a music video for the record. Hit the jump to read the full interview, which I am sure you will all find interesting!


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Video: Short Dawg Interview With Vocab Magazine

January 3, 2011 by Danny M

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Above, Vocab Magazine sits down with Short Dawg for an interview, and Short even does a little freestyle at the end of the video. In the interview they discuss relationships with past record labels, Lil Wayne, the “Me And My Drank” track, his Elvis Freshley alter-ego, Young Money, college life, the Let ‘Em Know” song, his style, upcoming “White Cup Gang” merchandise, and more!

Thanks James!

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