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Christina Milian Plays The “Would You Rather” Game With Music Choice [Video]

March 7, 2016 by Danny M

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Christina Milian Plays The Would You Rather Game With Music Choice

Christina Milian recently visited Music Choice to play their “Would You Rather” game that you can check out after the jump below.

She answered if she would rather be sorted into Hufflepuff or follow Harry Styles around and be his personal hair complimenter, if she would rather not be able to use adjectives in conversation or never be able to perform live again, and if she would rather use a clown makeup kit for red carpet events or have Missy Elliott’s “Lose Control” song play at high volume every time she enters a room.

Tina Turn Up also revealed if she would rather only be able to use popular dance moves like dabbing and whip/nae nae or answer with brutal honesty when asked questions, and if she would rather not be able to use her hands when eating or have no one show up to her wedding!


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On Set Of Baby E & Lil Wayne’s “Finessin” Video Shoot, Wayne Does The DAB Dance

January 16, 2016 by Danny M


On Set Of Baby E & Lil Wayne Finessin Video Shoot, Wayne Does The DAB Dance

Baby E. has took to his Instagram page to show a little behind the scenes clip from on set of his and Lil Wayne‘s “Finessin’” video shoot, which took place in Miami on Monday (January 11th).

In the behind the scenes footage (see below), we can see the Young Money CEO fake popping some pills and then dabbing haha!

The official “Finessin’” visual is being directed by Eif Rivera and is due to premiere in the next coming weeks.


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