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Gudda Gudda On MTV News Mixtape Daily Talking About Guddaville

December 7, 2009 by Danny M


New Orleans native Gudda Gudda has a bunch of superstars in his camp, including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake. Dude might be next in line to blow. Gudda, who’s been down with Wayne for around a decade, has been lacing family records like “Thinking to Myself” (his verse about Kunta Kinte steals the show!) “Bedrock” and “Every Girl” with his laid-back, spoken-word flow. This week, though, Gudda steps to the front with his own mixtape, Guddaville.

“The theme behind Guddaville, I’m taking people on a walk through my eyes,” he explained. “Every time you heard me been a group project. Guddaville is just me expressing how I feel about a lot of different things, taking you in my world.”

Gudda — a New Orleans native — has been mentored by Lil Wayne. Weezy liked his look and wrote Gudda his first rap. After that, though, Gudda stepped his game up through the years. He’s going to be good money on Young Money. One of Gudda’s biggest inspirations has been N.O. hero Soulja Slim. He shouts him and former Hot Boys member Turk out on the mixtape.

“Soulja, any young dude, period, not just a rapper, any young guy from New Orleans, he was like our ‘Pac. So, you know, we all look up to him. I had to acknowledge him. We bumped heads in a lot of different places. It was sad to see him go. I’m gonna continue to acknowledge him. As far as Turk, we speak at least twice a week from jail. I always holla at him. Turk will be home soon.”

You can download Guddaville here. You can also keep up with Gudda on his Twitter page.

Joints to check for:

» “Welcome to Guddaville.” “This is the intro to my mixtape,” Gudda said. “On that song, I’m venting a lot. Just letting people know what’s going on at the time. What I been going through. Different things with different people. I just let it all out on that track. I had to put that all on paper. This is a good intro into my world.”

» “Always Love You” (featuring Nicki Minaj and Short Dawg). “Me and Nicki was in the studio one night trying to get something going. We heard the Whitney Houston sample, pulled the beat up, and Whitney was on the sample saying, ‘I will always love you.’ The obvious choice would have been to speak on a female or dude. We was like, ‘Let’s speak on our cities and how much we love where we from.’ I was like, ‘We could get somebody else on it.’ I ran into Short Dawg. He was like, ‘Let me hear the joint. … I love it.’ He put a verse on it. We did it. New Orleans, H-Town, New York.”

» “Getting to the Money” (featuring Tity Boy). “Basically, I was in the studio, I heard the beat. Instantly, the hook popped up, the lyrics started coming. The beat, I just had to do it. I laid it down and said, ‘It gotta have that ATL flavor.’ I said, ‘Let me call my homeboy and see if he’ll jump on it.’ I hit Tity up, he sent it back two days later. The rest is history.”


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Download All Of Gudda Gudda’s Most Recent Recordings All No DJ

October 23, 2009 by Danny M


Download All Of Gudda Gudda

If you want to download all of Gudda Gudda‘s recent recordings including the Guddaville mixtape all no DJ, then check out the link below:

Download: http://www.zshare.net/download/672065423fcfc362/

Major shouts to Greg Davenport

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Gudda Gudda Interview With LilWayneHQ.com

October 13, 2009 by Danny M


LilWayneHQ Interview With Young Money's Gudda Gudda

In the interview below, Young Money‘s Gudda Gudda speaks to LilWayneHQ.com about some of his upcoming projects including the YME Compilation, a typical record session, his first raps Lil Wayne wrote for him, Guddaville, and much more.


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Gudda Gudda – Guddaville [Mixtape Download]

September 28, 2009 by Danny M


Gudda Gudda Guddaville - Mixtape Download

We finally have Gudda Gudda‘s mixtape titled “Guddaville” which is hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar. You can view the front cover above and the back cover/tracklist after the jump below. The tape features Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Shanell, Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj, Short Dawg, Jae Millz, Ya Boy, Bow Wow, Tyga, Lil Flip, Lil Chuckee, Drake, Lloyd, and Collin Munroe.

Download: Gudda Gudda – Guddaville [Mixtape]
Password: www.youngmoneyhq.com


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Gudda Gudda – No One Else Matters (Feat Bow Wow & Ya Boy)

September 15, 2009 by Danny M


Gudda Gudda - No One Else Matters Feat Bow Wow & Ya Boy

Check out this new leak from Gudda‘s upcoming mixtape, Guddaville which is dropping this month! The track is called “No One Else Matters“, and it features Cash Money‘s Bow Wow and Ya Boy. The record was produced by Kajmir Royale, and the hook is sampled from Ryan Leslie. You can download it below:

Download: Gudda Gudda – No One Else Matters (Feat Bow Wow & Ya Boy)

Props DJ Ill Will

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Exclusive: Gudda Gudda – Guddaville [Official Mixtape Cover]

July 31, 2009 by Danny M


Gudda Gudda - Guddaville - Official Mixtape Cover

Check out the official cover for the upcoming Gudda Gudda mixtape titled “Guddaville“. This is a YoungMoneyHQ.com exclusive and this mixtape currently has no release date, but it is coming real soon, so be on the lookout for some new tracks soon!

Everyone should be looking forward to this mixtape as Gudda Gudda is definitely one of best artists out of Young Money, because he kills every track he is on and the fans need some music from him!

Don’t forget to follow these people on Twitter @Gudda1, @DeeJayIllWill and @RealDJRockstar!

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