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Audio: Drake Calls Into DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio

July 20, 2011 by Danny M


Drake Calls Into DJ Green Lanterns Invasion Radio

While in the studio with 40 last night, Drake called into DJ Green Lantern‘s Invasion Radio to big up Kreayshawn (who was already doing an interview with them), speak on Take Care, and The Weeknd. Drizzy also says that he would of been mastering his single last night too.

Shouts to RR

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Drake’s “Better Than Good Enough” Documentary

June 25, 2010 by Danny M


MTV recently aired a one hour documentary on Drake titled “Better Than Good Enough” where they followed Drizzy around as he moved from country to country performing on tour, and recording and mastering his Thank Me Later album. You can watch part two and three after the jump! In part three you can see Drake in Manchester getting ready to open up for a Jay-Z concert, and at the beginning of the video under that tunnel with the posters on the wall is where I walk to work in the city (you can also see the train station which I get the train to work about half through the video as well)… I know none of y’all are interested in that, but I’m so chuffed I just had to mention it lol. Anyways I’m sure you will all enjoy this documentary like I did.


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