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Mack Maine Discusses Young Money, New Orleans Bounce Music & More On PJ Morton’s “Bounce & Soul” Vol. 1

April 4, 2016 by Danny M


Mack Maine Discusses Young Money, New Orleans Bounce Music & More On PJ Morton Bounce & Soul Volume 1

Former Young Money artist PJ Morton released volume 1 of his Bounce & Soul project at the end of March and on it was 2 interludes from Mack Maine.

On part 1, the YM President and PJ discussed how Young Money is categorized as a rap record label from its roots even though it’s not anymore. Morton also confirmed that he is no longer with Young Mula officially, but they will always be family to him.

Mack revealed that the first bounce music song he remembers was from MC T. Tucker, as well as that people should know the music originated from New Orleans on the second interlude. You can check out both skits off Bounce & Soul after the jump below!


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Video: Tyga Interview With Trace TV (Part 1)

August 19, 2010 by Danny M


Trace TV interviewed Tyga while he was in Paris, France last week promoting his upcoming album titled Careless World. They speak about the origin of his name, his influence on younger people, and how music helps Tyga connect with his fans better.

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Video: Tyga Explains Origin Of Fan Of A Fan Mixtape With Chris Brown

May 20, 2010 by Danny M


“Me and Chris, basically, we met a couple of years ago,” Tyga explained in L.A. on Tuesday about the tape. “We had mutual friends. I always seen him come in the studio when he was with Wayne. It’s crazy, because I never asked him for a track. I never wanted to press up on him like that. One day, he hit me up. He was like, ‘Yo, man, let’s do some songs.’ So I came to the studio. The first two songs you saw videos for, ‘Holla at Me’ and ‘All the Girls Love,’ them two songs was like the first time we ever recorded. When we recorded them songs, he was like, ‘Let’s do a mixtape.’ It’s crazy, ’cause the mixtape, we did in a whole week. I flew out to VA, and we knocked out the whole mixtape.

“Chris works fast,” he continued. “Me — I ain’t gonna lie — I write slow. I’m real picky. He was knocking the hooks out real quick, I was knocking out the verses. We knocked out, like, three songs a day.”

“Fan of a Fan is basically our dedication back to the fans,” Tyga explained. “I feel like a lot of people is not doing it for their core audience. These are the people that come to our shows, these are the people that call these radio stations and fight for us all day. So why not give them something for free?”

” ‘Deuces,’ it’s about you getting rid of this girl. You try to make it work, but you gotta move on,” Tyga explained. “So you basically put up one finger, then another and say, ‘Deuces.’ ‘Like a Virgin Again,’ that’s one of them old classic 2002 R&B songs. Like holding hands at the dance. That song’s about making a girl feel special, ’cause that’s what all girls want, of course. Telling her like, ‘If you are a virgin or you’re not a virgin, I’mma make you feel like one again.’ ‘What They Want’ is the first song on the mixtape. It’s introducing us together as a duo. It’s what the fans want. ’48 Bar Rap,’ that’s Chris rappin’. Showing his rap skills.

“Chris is a certified rapper,” Tyga added. “That’s straight from Tyga at Young Money. Of course he’s a great singer, but he does his little rap thing too.”

Tyga is working on his next album, Careless World, and said to look out for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV “soon.” – MTV

What was your favorite track from the Fan Of A Fan mixtape ❓ Leave a comment below… my fav track was “Regular Girl“.

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