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Short Dawg Interview With Ozone Magazine

September 24, 2010 by Danny M


Short Dawg Interview With Ozone Magazine

I just spotted this Short Dawg interview on my bro James’ site with Ozone Magazine. Short speaks on his music, his upcoming Fresh album, Lil Wayne, Young Money, his mixtapes and plenty more!

You were signed back in 2005, but still haven’t had an album drop. How hard is it to stick with music through all the setbacks?
It has its moments where it’s tough because you have a lot of obstacles as a new artist when the albums don’t come out. In my situation it was an issue dealing with Russell’s new label and the president and a lot of beef that I didn’t know was going on, it was beyond my control working at Def Jam at the time. A lot of things went haywire and then I had my own situations with lawsuits and all that type of shit. People think just because you’re doing music you don’t live an actual real life and shit goes on in people’s lives, and on the creative side you get discouraged and shit, but you know that just comes with the territory of doing anything. It’s just as hard as being an athlete, you got to work hard at it and believe that it’s going to turn out for the best.

What would you say you were able to learn from all that?
I learned that being consistent is most important because regardless of the situation you’re in you still have fans at the end of the day. They don’t give a fuck if your situation is not as good as it’s supposed to be, they just want to hear that music, so you have to stay consistent through all of that. I just learned to be more wise with my surroundings and stay on top of my music and everything else will work itself out.


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Pictures: Young Money & Ozone Host “Free Weezy” Party At Club Nocturnal

May 30, 2010 by Danny M


Pictures From Young Money & Ozone Magazines Free Weezy Party At Club Nocturnal

Young Money Entertainment and Ozone Magazine hosted a “Free Weezy” party at Club Nocturnal last night (May 29th) in Miami, Florida. Some of the people who turned up were: Mack Maine, Jae Millz, Short Dawg, Lil Twist, Cortez Bryant, Brisco, and Bigman (Chuckee’s Dad). You can view more pics after the jump, and if anyone knows where to get Millzy’s shirt from (LEGGGOOO) please let me know in the comments 🙂

Shouts to Terrence Tyson


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Video: Shanell Interview With Terrence Tyson From Ozone Magazine

May 22, 2010 by Danny M


Check out Shanell‘s interview in the video above with Terrence Tyson from Ozone Magazine. SnL speaks on how she signed with Young Money, Lil Wayne, Janet Jackson, rumors, competition, what we can expect in the future, and more!

Previously: Pictures: Shanell Photo Shoot With Terrence Tyson

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Would Young Money Really Fuck “Every Girl” In The World?

May 6, 2010 by Danny M


Would Young Money Really Fuck Every Girl In The World?

According to Young Money‘s hit single “Every Girl“, Lil Wayne and Co. wish they could fuck every girl in the world. But let’s be honest, there are some girls in the world who probably aren’t worth opening up their legs and filet mignoning. To test this notion, Ozone Magazine sat down with YM members Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine and threw out some celebrity names to find out who honestly could get the business.

Amy Winehouse

Jae Millz: I’d definitely have to fall back off Amy Winehouse cause I really don’t know what’s going on with her. Her whole situation…I ain’t got no problem with a chick that might smoke some bud, have a drink here and there or might pop a pill here and there, but her definition of drugs is hard drugs. She parties to another level. And all the cutting herself, if she can cut herself with glass and all that, that means she’ll try to cut me. And I’m afraid of what I’ll do to her, so I’mma fall back off her.

Mack Maine: No. No. No. I’m not doing nothing for her. My shit is exclusive. The more people you let slob on your knob, and the more times you put your peter piper in a little groundhog hole, your shit deprecates. Shit’s real. You can’t have no bitch out here false promoting and misrepresenting your dick game. No, I’ll do a song with her.

Gudda Gudda: Aw, hell no! Hell no! Like hell! No! I saw a picture of her the other day that just wasn’t right. She’s got missing teeth and shit. Like, c’mon. Nah.


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Video: OZone Interview With Mack Maine & Tha Bizness

October 30, 2009 by Danny M

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