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Video: Lil Twist Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Sorry For The Wait Mixtape & Tha Carter IV Album

July 8, 2011 by Danny M


“I’ve learned a lot over the past five years from my brother Lil Wayne, seeing him on tour since I was very young,” Lil Twist told MTV News. “So you’re going to see a lot of energy like he gives at his shows. Not the same, but a lot of swag.”

Being a member of Young Money has made Twist privy to an early listen of Weezy’s upcoming mixtape, Sorry For the Wait. “It’s amazing, it’s great, it’s outstanding,” Twist said of the project, which Wayne is releasing to appease fans since his proper album, Tha Carter IV, has been delayed numerous times. “And, he’s rapping. He’s going in and y’all are gonna love it.”

Twist revealed he’s also heard all of Weezy’s album, now scheduled to drop August 29. “I’ve heard it all,” Twist said. “Yes, we’re in the studio every day, every night, till the morning, till sun up in Miami, so I’ve heard it all.”

Lil Twist himself will be rapping on one or both of Weezy’s forthcoming projects. He revealed the name the song he appears on: “It’s called ‘Flowers.’ I can say it may make the mixtape, it may not. Because it’s for C4, and it’s also for Sorry For the Wait. It’ll make either one, maybe both.” – MTV

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