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Tyga Performs At The Revolution Concert House In Idaho [Pictures]

January 29, 2013 by Danny M


Tyga Performs At The Revolution Concert House In Idaho

Here are some front row photos of Tyga performing live at the Revolution Concert House & Event Center in Garden City, Idaho on January 25th.

During the show, T-Raww performed “No Luck“, “Ayye Bitch“, “Rack City“, “Faded“, “Far Away“, “Black Crowns“, “I’m Gone“, “Bitch I’m The Shit“, “Dope (187)“, “Make It Nasty“, “In This Thang“, “Deuces“, “Celebration“, “Get Gnarly“, “Ratchets“, “Do My Dance“, “Crenshaw @ Midnight“, “95 Like Dat“, “Bouncin’ On My Dick“, “Bad Bitches Only“, “Bitches Ain’t Shit“, “The Motto“, “Kings & Queens“, “Lap Dance“, as well as his new single “Molly“.


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Nicki Minaj Tells Tim Westwood She Wants To Move To The UK & More [Videos]

November 27, 2012 by Danny M


Here are some more clips from Nicki Minaj‘s interview with Tim Westwood that took place while she was in London, England earlier this month. Above, Nicki discusses Miley Cyrus dressing up as her for this year’s Halloween, the “Pink Friday Reloaded” tour, her fans, choosing the setlist, and more.

After the jump, the Young Money Barbie speaks on her love for the UK, wanting to move to London, and also chats with Team Minaj UK.


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America’s Most Wanted Tour Setlist

July 29, 2009 by Danny M


America's Most Wanted Setlist

A lot of people have been e-mailing me asking which songs did Young Money perform on the “America’s Most Wanted” tour. Well someone called “YME” left this comment in the comments at LilWayneHQ:

ok so i just went to this FANTASTIC show
the sound was great, lil waynes band was great
the setlist was great and here it is:

A Milli
Got Money
Sky Is The Limit
Phone Home
Swagga Like Us (Verse)
Mr. Carter
Money On My Mind
Get Money Fuck Bitches (Biggie Tribute)
I’m a D-Boy
Hustla Musik
Best Rapper Alive
Walk This Way (Aerosmith Cover)
Prom Queen (with Shanell)
then Shanell preformed a song featuring Weezy
I’m Me
Turnin’ Me On
Best I Ever Had Remix (I Think)
You Ain’t Know
Pop Bottles
We Taken Over (With Birdman)
I Run This (With Birdman)
Always Strapped (With Birdman)
then Drake came out and preformed
Best I Ever Had
Lil Twist preformed (who i met at my mall) The Leak
Lil Chuckie preformed a song i dont know
Tyga did his verse from My Weezy
T-Streetz did a song i dont know
Jae Millz did his verse from Ain’t I
Gudda Gudda did his verse from Get Bizzy
then Nikki Minage did her song Bad Bitch
this next section Wayne referred to as the CARTER 3 PORTION OF THE SHOW
Let The Beat Build
Mrs. Officer (With Drake)
Lollipop (With Shanell)
and they closed the show with all of Young Money preforming Every Girl
and there was an awesome extra thing at the end that i won’t ruin….

Weezy Rocked That Shit!
it was awesome it really was and any WFB better get his/her ass there

oh and at my show someone threw a waterbottle at weezy and he finished his song and said to the guy “I wouldnt do that… the ladies love me when im all wet!” hahaha lmao
Weezy’s the fuckin man


So there you all go, and this might not be the setlist for all the shows, but the above setlist was used in Scranton on July 27th.

So thanks again to YME and the “awesome extra thing” at the end, was Young Money’s tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson which can be watched here.

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