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Video: Lil Chuckee Drops Some Teen Advice x More

June 21, 2011 by Danny M


In the video above, DJ Smallz asks Lil Chuckee to drop some knowledge and give the best advice he can for teenagers like himself.

After the jump, Chuckee tells Vlad his top 5 rappers of all time and what he would be doing if he was not a rapper!


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Video: Drake Meets Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand

January 26, 2011 by Danny M


Above, you can watch a video of when Drake met Manchester United FC’s Rio Ferdinand, courtesy of SoulCulture. They talk about music, sportsmanship, teamwork, and more.

“I have a line on my album where I say, ‘Sports and music are so synonymous, ’cause we wanna be them and they wanna be us’… I feel that way – if I couldn’t rap, I would wanna be here in this building,” visiting rap star Drake tells 4nB from the Manchester United team’s training grounds [referring to the song, "Thank Me Now"], whilst on the UK leg of his Lightdreams & Nightmares tour.

“I feel the same way,” UK football star Rio Ferdinand nods in agreement, as the pair comment on the similarities between the lifestyles of pop stars and sporting stars when it comes to performing, motivation, showmanship, team spirit and female attention.

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JR Smith And Chris Johnson Are Signed To Young Money Athletes

January 17, 2010 by Danny M


JR Smith And Chris Johnson Are Signed To Young Money Athletes

I’m still learning about this, but according to some very reliable sources JR Smith and Chris Johnson have both just been signed to Young Money Athletes. We have already seen JR get a Young Money tattoo on his neck (here and here) and once I find out more information about Young Money Athletes, I will let you all know.

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