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GQ Speaks To Drake About The Lil Wayne vs. Jay-Z Beef & More

November 11, 2011 by Danny M


GQ Speaks To Drake About Lil Wayne vs Jay-Z Beef & More

GQ recently sat down with Drizzy to discuss his Take Care album, coming up with the album title while in Birmingham, England, some of the lyrics from songs on the album, So Far Gone, Thank Me Later, the perfect girl for Drake, sweaters, why the “Fancy” music video was never released, and the Lil Wayne vs. Jay-Z beef. Hit the jump to read the full interview!


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Stereogum Interview With Drake

November 9, 2011 by Danny M


Stereogum Interview With Drake

Stereogum recently had the opportunity to speak to Drake for a very interesting interview. They discuss Drizzy‘s Take Care album including some of the songs that appear on the album, The Weeknd, people making fun of him on the Internet for wearing sweaters, the Club Paradise tour, his hometown Toronto, working with Lil Wayne, Tha Carter IV, Nicki Minaj, his debut album Thank Me Later, and plenty more things! You can read the full interview below:


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Video: Drake Performs Brand New Verse At His Show In England

January 11, 2011 by Danny M


While on tour in England, Drake premiered a new verse for the crowd at his show in London! If you remember before Thank Me Later dropped, Drizzy was always performing verses at his shows from songs on the album, so maybe this verse will appear on Drake‘s upcoming Take Care album?

Spotted at KH

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Audio: Drake Interview With YN On Shade 45

December 11, 2010 by Danny M


Drake Interview With YN On Shade 45

YN from RapRadar spoke to Drizzy Drake last Thursday morning for Shade 45 radio. They discuss a lot of things including Drake‘s Thank Me Later reviews, Lil Wayne, his R&B mixtape, the Grammy’s and plenty more!

Drake discusses fans:

Drake talks wine, Thank Me Later reviews, and condensing Take Care:


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Video: Drake Performs “Show Me A Good Time” On David Letterman

October 2, 2010 by Danny M


Drake performed his next single from Thank Me Later, “Show Me A Good Time“, last night on David Letterman’s Late Show. Drizzy ends the performance by drinking a shot and toasting to Lil Wayne for his birthday.

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Drake’s Fifth Single From Thank Me Later Will Be “Show Me A Good Time”

August 31, 2010 by Danny M


Drakes Fifth Single Will Be Show Me A Good Time

Although a critically-acclaimed debut effort, survey said no. But Young Money CEO, Cortez Bryant—greatly responsible for molding Lil Wayne into a mega rapper-eating star— knows exactly what his winning artist was missing to reach Weezy numbers. “The first week was great but Drake still need that big smash pop hit like we had with Wayne’s ‘Lollipop.'” he says. “Wayne got his million because he had that urban side and he crossed over to that pop demographic. I believe Drake would’ve got those million sales if we would’ve had that pop record.”

So if “Over” was an appetite soother, “Find Your Love” an emo stunna and “Miss Me” a hip-hop head’s favorite, where does that leave Drake’s 4th upcoming single “Fancy?” ‘I don’t think ‘Fancy’ is that pop record either,” reveals Cortez. “It’ll go so far, but when we drop ‘Show Me A Good Time’ in September— that has the potential to be that big record.”

As far as Drake’s success beyond music for, Cortez hopes his Toronoto front runner can multiply his triumphs through film opps. “We wanna start entertaining these movie offers. Drake is looking to come out with the role no one else expects. He’s not gonna be the teen heartthrob or the college kid. He wants roles where he can show his acting skills. Like a sci-fi or action picture.” – VIBE

Do you think this is a good choice ❓

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Video: Drake Speaks To Reka J In Indianapolis

August 17, 2010 by Danny M


Drake speaks to Indianapolis Music Channel’s Reka J about the OVO Festival, Thank Me Later, Degrassi, Nicki Minaj, his upcoming R&B mixtape, Justin Bieber and lots more. You can check out the interview in the video above.

Spotted at UHTN

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