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Meek Mill Speaks On His Relationship With Nicki Minaj, It Feeling Like A Dream, Understanding Each Other & More [Video]

October 9, 2016 by Danny M


Meek Mill Speaks On His Relationship With Nicki Minaj, It Feeling Like A Dream, Understanding Each Other & More

Meek Mill recently sat down with Noisey Raps for an interview about his music career, Philadelphia, his life, and plenty more.

Also during their conversation, Meek spoke on his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, their relationship, understanding each other, setting his sights on her years ago, and how it all feels like a dream to him that he has Nicki.

You can check out Mill discuss all about the Young Money Barbie at the 7:00 minute mark of the video after the jump below!


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Shanell Talks Understanding Young Thug’s Lyrics, Her Ideal Man, Detroit & More [Video]

February 20, 2015 by Danny M


Shanell Talks Understanding Young Thug Lyrics, Her Ideal Man, Detroit & More

On February 7th, Shanell sat down with Stewe and MadamLex from Control Detroit at Collective Studios in Detroit, Michigan for an interview, which you can check out below.

During their conversation, SnL spoke on her upcoming collaboration project with producer Zaytoven, if she understands Young Thug‘s lyrics, why her debut album has not yet been released, where her biggest inspiration to create songs comes from, how she came up with the title “Nobody’s Bitch”, her ideal man, the city Detroit, and more.

Shanell also confirmed that Bankroll Fresh, Young Thug, and T-Pain will all be featured on her forthcoming project with Zaytoven that is due to drop next month in March.


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Video: Drake Threatens Tattoo Artist Who Tattooed His Name On Woman’s Forehead!

December 23, 2011 by Danny M


In the video above, Drake talks to Mando Fresko about the women who got “DRAKE” tattooed on her forehead (you can see a pic in the video). Drizzy says he wants to speak to the lady who got the tattoo done and understand why she did it, but he also calls the tattoo artist an asshole and says he would fuck him up if he ever came across him.

“The guy who tatted it is a fucking asshole, for real. I don’t fuck with that guy. Fuck you to that tat artist cause you’re an asshole for real, and you should lose your job. You should never do tattoos again. I don’t fuck with you and if I ever see you, I’mma fuck you up.”

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