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Cory Gunz Reveals When He Plans To Drop His “Kriminal Minded” EP, Talks “2 Gunz Up” Collab Project With His Father [Video]

June 30, 2017 by Danny M


Cory Gunz Reveals When He Plans To Drop Kriminal Minded EP & Talks 2 Gunz Up Collaboration Project With His Father Peter Gunz

Cory Gunz recently chopped it up with XXL to give updates on his Kriminal Minded EP, his debut studio album, and a collaboration project called 2 Gunz Up with his father Peter Gunz.

The Young Money Gunna revealed he is still working on his Kriminal Minded, he is trying to release it on the anniversary of KRS-One‘s Criminal Minded album, what he has learned from his pops, and mentioned his “174th” song will appear on the EP.

You can watch Cory‘s conversation with XXL in a video after the jump below!


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Listen To A Mastered Version Of Wizkid’s “Hush Up The Silence” Single Featuring Drake

February 6, 2017 by Danny M


Listen To A Mastered Version Of Wizkid Hush Up The Silence Single Featuring Drake

Over the weekend, episode 37 of Drake‘s Beats 1 Radio’s OVO Sound Radio show premiered and during Oliver El-Khatib‘s set, he played a mastered version of Wizkid‘s new single titled “Hush Up The Silence” featuring Drizzy.

The song will be appearing on the Nigerian singer’s upcoming album, From The Other Side, due to drop soon. Drizzy Drake and Wizkid have previously collaborated on “One Dance” and the Ojuelegba” remix.

Hit the jump to listen to the latest episode of OVO Sound Radio. Be sure to head to the 60:15 mark to hear the final version of “Hush Up The Silence“. Oliver also gave an update on the 6 God‘s forthcoming More Life playlist after the track finished playing!


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Flow Records A Message From Behind Bars, Says He Will “Be Home Soon”

December 24, 2016 by Danny M


Flow Records A Message From Behind Bars, Says He Will Be Home Soon

Flow and Bonka, who are both currently locked up behind bars, recorded a message to update fans and say they will be home soon.

The Esho Hero revealed he will be back in the studio when he is released and that the “monster” will be back, so “be very afraid”.

You can listen to the audio of their phone call from jail after the jump below. Flow begins talking at the 2:10 mark!


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An Update On Flow In Jail, Find Out How To Write Him A Letter

July 26, 2016 by Danny M


An Update On Flow In Jail, Find Out How To Write Him A Letter

As we know, Flow is currently locked up in a Louisiana jail for attempted murder, but a member of his team took to his Instagram page today to share an update on the Esho Hero.

The picture above, which shows Flow (with short hair) and Bonka inside the prison, was uploaded along with a message saying:

“If any of my fans, friends, or just anyone that fuck with me have been trying to get in contact with me you can write me at:

Widner Degruy
9450 Hwy 65 South
Lake Providence, Louisiana

So if any of you Esho Hero fans want to write a letter to him while he is currently serving time behind bars, you can do so to the address above!


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Noah “40” Shebib Explains Why Drake’s “Views From The 6” Album Will Not Be Full Of Rapping & More

February 19, 2016 by Danny M


Noah 40 Shebib Explains Why Drake Views From The 6 Album Will Not Be Full Of Rapping & More

Noah “40” Shebib, who is Drizzy Drake‘s longtime producer, recently chopped it up with The New York Times to share some more details about Drake‘s upcoming Views From The 6 album, due to be released in April.

In the interview, which will appear in The New York Times print on February 21st, 40 explained why Views From The 6 will not just be a project full of Drizzy straight rapping, as well as how he is trying to find new ways to make the project “special”.

You can read what Noah Shebib said about Drizzy Drake‘s forthcoming Views From The 6 album after the jump below!


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Mack Maine Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Health Trouble With XXL

March 18, 2013 by Danny M


Mack Maine Speaks On Lil Wayne Health Trouble With XXL

Mack Maine recently spoke with XXL to give an update on Lil Wayne‘s health concern after he suffered from a seizure last week. The Young Money President also mentioned that he is unsure if it was actually Weezy F Baby who sent out the tweet from his Twitter account saying: “I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.”

“That tweet wasn’t sent out on that same phone line. I’m not sure if he Tweeted that or not. I wasn’t with him at the present moment. One of his fans could have Tweeted that, I’m not really sure where that came from.”

“He’s in the hospital regularly. I can’t really give a comment on his situation right now ‘cus we’re not really sure, we’re just standing by him right now. Like I said, he’s in recovery as far as we know, so we’re just sitting back, just waiting until he’s come fully recovered before we can give a statement.”

UPDATE: Mack Maine says he did not talk to XXL regarding Wayne’s health!

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